Acceptable in the 80s

Do you ever wonder what the 80s would look like in trainer form?
I love them. Seriously, I am so in love with them. I admit, they are a seriously acquired taste, but I could not resist something so wonderfully garish. 
These bad boys are from Footlocker. Unfortunately, my beloved running shoes have seen better days and I've been in denial for the last few weeks. I've had them since April last year and I've probably done about 400 miles in them so they've seen better days. I've been getting blisters on my long runs at about 7 or 8 miles. Plus at the moment I'm running about 20 miles a week so between now and my half marathon (11 weeks to go!) they're going to get even more of a battering.
The problem is, buying running shoes stressing my out. Surely you know by now that I'm not exactly the kind of person who can just walk into a sports shop and pick up a pair of shoes. I had a running assessment in Sweatshop to get my last pair and I don't feel confident choosing the right shoes on my own, even though I know my feet are pretty neutral. I was really stressed out when it came to choosing new shoes. To the point where I nearly just ordered the exact same pair of trainers in a different colour.
I did absolutely loads of research before selecting this pair. I wanted something as similar as possible to my New Balance 980s. Of course, the garish print of these was what first attracted me to them, but I looked them up and they sounded perfect. They're actually triathlon shoes, but believe me there isn't one of those coming up in my future!
leggings - Sports Direct
black top - Sports Direct
sports bra - Nike
socks - Sports Direct
trainers - c/o Footlocker
I decided to try them out at Parkrun this morning so I got Phil to snap a few photos of me before. I wanted to take some more authentic photos of these. I wanted to take them outside, in my running kit with no makeup and my hair scraped back - because that's what I look like when I run! I did french plait the front of my hair when I normally just clip my fringe back to look slightly less grubby, but other than that this is my usual Parkrun get up.
So how were they? To be honest, they didn't feel much different to my other trainers - in a good way! They did feel quite nice and bouncy, and I tried to keep away from the puddles a bit more than usual! I'm really excited to wear them in a bit more and I'm pretty sure these are going to be the trainers I run my half marathon in! So thank you, Footlocker. Nobody is going to miss me in these!

Charlotte x


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