Nice day for a white wedding

I haven't done an outfit post for a while purely because... well I haven't been wearing anything worth photographing! Most of what I've been wearing lately has either been an outfit from this post, jeans and a jumper or running clothes. It's been so cold lately!
But on Friday I finally got a chance to get all dressed up to go to the wedding of one of my oldest friends! 
dress - ASOS
jacket - Quiz
shoes - M&S
I struggled for a while with what to wear - February is a tricky month, and I didn't want to go too wintery, but I also knew it would be too cold to go summer-y! I'd actually seen this dress months ago on Atlantic Pacific and couldn't believe it when it was down from £75 to just £25! I actually panicked and bought it in two sizes just in case the price went back up and it ended up being the perfect thing to wear with a furry jacket and nude heels. And of course, some bright pink lipstick (this is MAC's Girl About Town).
Jenny and Mike's wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride looked incredible. I had to hold it together when she walked down the aisle because I had a reading to do! It was actually really funny - my friend Kayleigh and I didn't have copies of our readings and only realised they weren't going to be at the lectern when we saw other people going up with pieces of paper! Luckily, Kayleigh had pockets in her dress so we sneaked her phone up to the altar and read the prayers off her iPhone! Thankfully when we relayed the story nobody had noticed!
The reception was at Styal Lodge which was a gorgeous wooden, well, lodge, which they had decorated with fairy lights. It was absolutely beautiful. The food was amazing, the DJ was great and we had a really wonderful time. 

Here are some Instagram snaps I took:

I was planning to try to get Phil in a few of these outfit photos, but as he's 6 foot 5 I couldn't get my camera simultaneously tall enough without showing all of the rubbish on our bookshelf! He looked pretty dapper himself though.
Today has been pretty chilled! I considered parkrun for about 30 seconds this morning but that definitely would not have been pretty! Phil and I went to see a mortage advisor (!) this morning which was very informative, although we won't be looking to buy a house until next year, ran some errands and then we've spent the afternoon relaxing. 
Tonight we're off out for Greek food, then tomorrow is running and football!

Hope your weekend is going well!

Charlotte x


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