No stars, all stripes

Ooh I do love a good stripey jumper! I can't believe I hadn't worn this jumper on my blog until now. I'd eyed it up for months in Oasis last year and was absolutely over the moon to find it reduced to £20 in the sale. I adore Oasis - it's probably my favourite shop - but I sometimes find it just a little bit too expensive. Thankfully the sale is brilliant and I quite often find the things I want get reduced if I can hold out enough!

I decided this jumper would be a great match for these ballet pumps I received last week from Butterfly Twists. I mentioned last year that I've been much more a jeans-and-jumper kind of girl over the last few years, so I thought these navy flats would be perfect for the warmer months when I live in jeans and tshirts! 

Speaking of jeans, these are also new. I am always desperate to find an alternative to my beloved Joni jeans because at £40 a pair, they're just too expensive and I rarely get more than a year out of them. I had a whole post planned a few months ago celebrating the bargain find of some Matalan jeans which were supposed to be great Joni dupes, but they quite quickly went baggy and I've really struggled to find jeans that fit quite as well.
I'd heard good things about ASOS's Rivington jeans, so I ordered a black pair and also got these as they were £15 in the sale. The black ones are a great fit (which they kind of had to be as I first tried them on with wet nails and got nail polish all over them...) but these, unfortunately, are a little bit big. I did try the size down and while I could get them buttoned... let's just say it wasn't a good look! So while I love the look of these jeans they do keep falling down so I'm secretly hoping they might shrink a bit in the wash haha. I nearly sent them back but for £15 I thought they'll do as a backup!
jumper - Oasis
jeans - ASOS
ballet pumps - c/o Butterfly Twists
I had a rare day off work today and it's been lovely! I did my 8 mile morning run at 8.30am instead of 5.30am, got some stuff done around the house, did some baking for our Sport Relief bake at work tomorrow and spent the afternoon with my Mum! It was really lovely, and she treated me to another stripey jumper in the M&S sale! 

I've got a bit of a busy weekend ahead - on Saturday we have two birthday parties! We're off to Liverpool to celebrate Phil's Grandma's 80th, then back to Manchester for my best friend's birthday party! Then on Sunday I have my last 20 mile run before I start tapering for the race - I can't believe there's only 3 weeks to go!
I'm home alone tonight so I'm about to get myself a nice cold Toffee Apple cider and snuggle up on the sofa to watch football!

Have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x


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