My Mum and I dress almost exactly the same.
We both have the same houndstooth Topshop trousers, the same Zara turtlenecks, the same Next polka dot dress, the same Marks and Spencers necklace.
Once I came home from uni for the weekend and we were wearing the exact same outfit.
When we go shopping together, one of us will point something out, and the other will ask, "for you or for me?"
I've lost count of the number of times we've come home with two of something.

Two weeks ago we both went to work in maroon turtlenecks, tartan skirts and maroon ankle boots. We hadn't crossed paths until we were about to leave the house.
I accuse her of copying me all the time (I'm still furious she bought an identical red coat when my red coat has been my signature for the last 4 years), but she's the first to lend me something when I have nothing to wear (I, on the other hand, am a stubborn only child who refuses to share). 

We both love floral tops and skinny jeans, leather jackets, turtlenecks and A-line skirts for work, boucle jackets, stripey jumpers, printed skater dresses and pointed ballet flats. It's hard to know where her style ends and mine begins. We always know exactly what to recommend and she's my perpetual style advisor.
Sometimes it's me inspiring her, when I notice she's layered a sleeveless dress over a turtleneck after seeing me do the same, or other times it's me inspired by her jeans and denim jacket combo, which I'd beeen too scared to try again since the 90s.

So when Moda in Pelle asked me to style up a pair of shoes and talk about how my Mum would style them differently, I laughed, because she wouldn't. 

When I reached for one of my many Oasis floral tops, skinny jeans and a bright cardigan, I knew she would do exactly the same. I bought her a few of my favourite Oasis tops for her birthday a few years ago, and I'm sure she'll get some of these Primark jeans after I've been singing their praises! She'd even wear the same necklace, as she loved my C necklace so much I got her a G for Christmas.
floral top - Oasis
jeans - Primark
cardigan - Debenhams
necklace - Onecklace
My mum would actually love these shoes! A few years ago she would only ever wear heels, but now she loves a pretty ballet flat, and she loves to colour-co-ordinate so I know she'd love these because they go with everything!
Now we live together again there's much more arguing over copying and clothes lending and magically disappearing clothes, but it's also a lot of fun. She gives me tips from the magazine in the paper and I let her borrow my lipstick, and there's always someone to go to for an extra pair of popsocks or an emergency cardigan when none of mine will go. She might ask to borrow my brand new jacket before I'd even worn it out of the house, but I know she'd lend me anything of hers in a heartbeat.

I love that Mum and I dress the same. It's so much fun to go shopping together and find things we both love, and it definitely makes it easier that we always want to go into the same shops! It was fun looking for photos for this post of us dressed similarly, and this is only a small representation! We have so many of the same things - we even have the same pyjamas! 

Moda in Pelle not only sent me these lovely shoes (which I know I'll be living in when Spring finally arrives - my favourite nude ballet flats are falling apart!), they also have a competition for you to win a pair of shoes for you and you Mum! Perect for Mother's Day! You can enter here at Moda in Pelle.

Hope you've had a great weekend! I've been away in Berlin to celebrate Phil's birthday and I'll be back this week with a post on everything I ate there!

Charlotte x


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