25 Lipsticks of December

I'm not sure if you know this but 2020 was tough. And like everyone else I've been trying to find ways to treat myself in small ways. Last year my Mum got me a beauty advent calendar (Makeup Revolution) and it was amazing - I loved opening all the doors each day to a tiny highlighter or lipstick or bronzer. So in an attempt to treat myself I started to look into beauty advent calendars again.

Now the thing is, I'm kind of not that into makeup. I buy palettes and never wear them, I don't really know how to use highlighter and I still can't do winged eyeliner at 30.

What I do like, really, is lipstick.

So I looked on the MAC website at their advent calendar, justified the price by "this year has been tough and I haven't been anywhere" and then decided to have a think first.

And this was where the idea for my lipstick challenge came from.

The original idea was to buy a wooden advent calendar and get Phil to put one of my many lipsticks in for every day of December. I'd open the door to a lipstick and I would wear it.

Eventually. however, I realised that with one day a week furloughed and weekends spent committed to sweatpants and no makeup, there was no way I was going to wear lipstick every day for all of December. And also some days I would want a bright lip and what if on those days I pulled out a nude?

So instead I wrote out a list of 25 of my lipsticks (yes, I own more than 25...) and allocated them a different day for all of December, and on the 30th December I wore my final lipstick of the month!

I documented my lipstick each day in a Twitter thread, but here they all are together...

Top row: MAC Diva
Second row: MAC Faux, MAC Down to an Art, MAC Rebel
Third row: MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Mocha, MAC Relentlessly Red

Top row: MAC Cosmo, MAC Red, MAC Velvet Teddy
Second row: MAC Please Me, MAC Kinda Sexy, MAC Pink Pigeon
Third row: MAC Viva Glam, NARS Dragon Girl, MAC Nicki Nude

Top row: MAC D for Danger, Soap and Glory Super Nude, Soap and Glory Cinnamon Beige
Second row: MAC Mehr, MAC All Fired Up, MAC Russian Red
Third row: MAC Lady Danger, MAC Hug Me, Fenty Fiery

This was a really fun challenge to do to remind me how many lipsticks I have and how many I've forgotten about! I'm terrible for thinking "the next nude lipstick I buy will be my perfect nude!" (I think my favourite nude is Nicki's Nude and I think I knew that already!). 

There are so many lipsticks here I forgot that I love - Diva is always so much more wearable than I remember, Rebel is such a great colour I always forget about, Relentlessly Red and All Fired Up are both such fun colours for a change from red. I treated myself to Mocha and Down to an Art for this challenge and when they arrived I was convinced they were identical but they look so different on.

This was both a really great and really annoying time to do a challenge like this. Really great because I absolutely cannot stand reapply my lipstick, but also hate it as soon as it starts to wear off, so if I'd been working in the office there's no way I could have kept nipping to the toilet to touch up my lips! However being furloughed on a Friday and having no reason to put on makeup at the weekends meant that I had to do a few days of two-lipsticks-in-one-day to do my challenge in the month.

I think my main takeaway is that I love lipstick. Especially bright lipstick. It's been fun to wear a bright fun colour even on a day when I was only leaving the house to do the dog walk, and it was nice to feel dressed up for a work Teams call. It's also been fun to share my selfies on twitter every day - unsurprisingly the brighter colours got the most attention!

I can't wait to have a reason to wear lipstick to go out again, but until then I'm definitely going to consider a bright lipstick as a pick-me-up, even if it's just for Zoom!

Charlotte x


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