Essential Tools for my Daily Routine - 1 Second Every Day

It was Phil that first got me into 1 Second Every Day, when he started his video on 1st January 2018.

He'd watched a TED talk by the founder and loved the idea of looking back over your year in seconds, so he started doing it himself.

Some days I know it was annoying for him to keep having to record his seconds, but soon enough everyone we knew knew what he meant by "I'm just doing my second" and it was so worth it when we could look back on every month and eventually the year.

So on 1st January 2019, I joined in.

As of right now, I am still yet to miss a day (nearly 2 years on!) . Like with HappyFeed, some days there are perfect moments to capture, and other it's just what I'm reading or what I had for dinner (or, more often than not right now, whatever Bobby is doing). A second is such a short moment in time but it's amazing how much you can capture. I post all my monthly videos on my Instagram.

It's funny how much those small seconds can give you a real picture of your life at any one time. As much as I love the second of our wedding day or our honeymoon in Canada, it's the mundane details of our life which are some of my favourites. Especially at the moment when we're doing so much work on our house it's great to see the transformation!

Like with HappyFeed it's been challenging to come up with things to record during lockdown, quite often it's just our dinner or what we're watching on TV (mostly football) or our dog walks, but it will be good to look back on. Sometimes it's hard to resist the urge to "direct" your seconds, but a lot of the time the candids really work, and I've found it's the seconds where something is moving or making noise that really work the best.

I know Phil is starting to lose momentum after 3 years and this year in particular, but I'm not close to giving up yet, even when there are days when I remember at 9.30pm I haven't done one yet and have to get a second of Bobby!

All my monthly videos are on my Instagram, and I'll post my full 2020 one on my blog at the end of the year.

Charlotte x


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