Birdy Shirt

When I wore this shirt last week, the first thing my boss said to me was "ooh I like your shirt!". To which I replied "It has birds on it!". Just in case anyone was unsure. I actually dithered over this shirt for ages after seeing it in the Oasis sale a few weeks ago (seriously, any of you starting big-girl jobs, hit up Oasis. I get all my workwear from there). It was down from £38 to £30 and it really didn't seem like much of a saving, so I put it back. Only to find that I couldn't stop thinking about it. Fortunately I had to return a dress for my Mumand they still had it in my size, so I picked it up. However, on first wear one of the buttons fell off the sleeve and my Mum was on holiday (my stitching skills have much to be desired) so it's only having it's blog debut now. I'm not entirely sure what made me want to pair teal and maroon, but I really like it. It's a little autumnal but I'm very happy that the hot weather seems to be over (probably for the year!) so I'm celebrating with black tights and long sleeved shirts!
bird shirt- Oasis
maroon pencil skirt- Boohoo
necklace- Zalando
heels- Marks and Spencers
Well I'm off on my holidays on Friday! I'm going to Berlin for the weekend (Friday morning to Monday evening) and I cannot wait! I can't believe it's finally here- we booked it months ago. Any recommendations are appreciated! I've been reading my Berlin guide book today and there seems to be a lot of fantastic things to see and do. I've had a pretty quiet weekend in preparation. I did my Parkrun 5K on Saturday (beat last week's time by 2 minutes 5 seconds!) and then sorted stuff out for holiday (Euros, eyebrows, mini toiletries). Saturday night was my best friend Eve's leaving do, which was lovely but sad. She's gone travelling across South East Asia for 3 months and left today. I am super jealous and I'm going to miss her loads. Other than that the last few days have been pretty quiet-the only highlights have been the Breaking Bad new episode yesterday (OH MY GOD) and making banana chocolate chip muffins tonight!
Well, I'm on for 5am Jillian Michaels tomorrow so I'd better get to bed!
Have a lovely night!

Charlotte x


  1. I really want this shirt. great outfit. Enjoy your trip

  2. Just got back from Berlin - I'll send you my foursquare list. Go to mauerpark on Sunday for a flea market and massive outdoor karaoke!

  3. Love the shirt, it looks brilliant with your hair that colour!

  4. That shirt is super cute, love the colour of it :)

  5. I hope you have a great time on vacation this weekend! Sounds like you're going to have a great time!
    I also really really love this cool work outfit. Your bird shirt is wonderful. I can see it being worn a ton of different ways. I really like the spiky necklace worn with it.

  6. Cute outfit! Love the color combo. I'm so jealous of your autumnal weather- it will be hot in FL for the next month or two. Have a great holiday (and delicious chocolate banana muffins)!

  7. Really gorgeous shirt hun, and you look SO TRIM <3 Well done on beating your run time as well, and have a fab time in Berlin.

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  8. Ah I love your shirt, the teal and maroon look really good together!
    Hope you have a good holiday! :)

  9. This shirt is lovely! I love bird prints, so I'm a bit jealous. I wrote some tips for your trip in my last comment already, on the graphic shirt post, maybe they'll be useful. Anyway, have a great time!

  10. The greenand maroon goes really well together. Its very sophisticated chic whilst the bird prints adds a touch of fun and playfullness.


  11. That's a lovely top hon!


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