Friday Florals

Urgh crazy white balance. Sorry about that! Anyway, I love this dress. I looooooove this dress. When I'm looking for new clothes one of my first questions is, "can I wear this for work?" Investing in new clothes is only really worth it if I can wear them for work. I've mentioned before that I've stopped really getting dressed up at the weekend so items like this that can be worn for work, for dinner and for the weekend are perfect. It's obviously a bit more casual than what I normally wear for work, but I could easily dress it up more with a blazer. I'm also envisioning this dress with a leather jacket and ankle boots, layered with a jumper over, with a cardigan, with a shirt underneath...lots of possibilities! I picked this up in Topshop after work yesterday and instantly fell in love. I haven't done much "real-life" shopping lately, so it was a nice change from shopping online. I had to wear it for work today, so I just paired it with my new favourite bargain heels and a simple necklace.
dress- Love via Topshop
necklace- Zalando
belt- from this dress
heels- Marks and Spencers
What have you got going on this weekend? I've got another pretty quiet one planned. I'm off to Berlin two weeks today though! Please send me over any tips or things to do/see if you've been before- it's my first time! Anyway, I'm going to do Parkrun tomorrow (my first 5K!) and then my cousin is coming over on tomorrow night for a catch up, takeaway and 90s TV night (she's bringing round her Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch boxsets!). Sunday hasn't really been planned out yet, but I'm going to walk into the village with Eve for a sneaky Pizza Express dinner I think! She goes off travelling in less than 2 weeks until November so I'm trying to make the most of having her here. The rest of the weekend? Probably gonna be spent watching Breaking Bad! I've also got a couple of blog posts planned so watch this space!
Have a great weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. Such a great dress!


  2. Good luck with your first 5k! You'll do great after all your hard work!
    Also this floral dress is just adorable on you. It'll definitely look great with a leather jacket and boots in the fall. I can see it being very remixable! I really love your spiky necklace too.

  3. I love this dress! It's such a fun print!

    Emma x

  4. This dress is super cute! Love the colours... looks great on you :)

    Jayne x

  5. you are purchasing for it basically mainly
    because it's crucial to choose a dress that matches the body form. In the event
    the fashion you prefer also matches the body form, then you definitely are one
    particular distinct fortunate woman! Properly, that goes devoid of indicating
    that you simply really are a solitary fortunate lady primarily since you will
    be strolling down that aisle quickly with that handsome stud of yours!

  6. ooh Charlotte I love it, it looks gorgeous on you! :)

  7. I used to do the same thing before I had a uniform. It just made sense to buy clothes that could do double duty!


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