5 Ways to Wear Your Graphic Tshirt

I almost called this post "5 Ways to Wear Your Los Pollos Hermanos Tshirt" because I've seen SO many people wearing it lately! Band wagon jumpin' right here. #sorrynotsorry

Oh graphic tshirts. We all have them. Tshirts scrawled with the names of our favourite bands, cities we've visited, our school or university, sports teams, events that we took part in, funny slogans. If you're anything like me, you love the idea of wearing graphic tshirts and get excited about the idea of wearing them, but more often than not they end up being lazy Sunday attire or replacements pajamas.
My love affair with graphic tshirts started when I was 14. And continued for 3 years. Throughout the end of high school and my first year of college, they were all I wore. I used to go to gigs at least once a month and I would always always get a tshirt (my other favourite thing to do was to wear band tshirts to gigs. Not the band I was going to see, of course, but similar bands to make me look cool). I remember my first one, that generic Green Day American Idiot tshirt with the hand grenade. I was 14 and just making that awkward transition from pop music into pop punk (and finally into emo by the time I was 15). I absolutely loved it. Then there was the Fall out Boy tshirt for my 16th Birthday, and many, many My Chemical Romance tshirts (I have 5 at last count) and dozens of other tshirts for bands that I had gone to see.  I always loved that graphic tshirts were a talking point. An invitation to incite conversation. Especially as an insecure, emo teenager, there was something about emblazoning the things you liked on your chest that made you feel part of a group.
I digress.
Everyone has graphic tshirts, but they're not always the easiest thing to "dress up". They tend to lend themselves to denim, and that's awesome, but I love to think out of the box with graphic tshirts (in fact, I was surprised to see how many outfits on this blog have included them. The outfits at the bottom are just a small selection!). So when I spotted a girl wearing this Los Pollos Hermanos tshirt a few weeks ago, I knew I had to have one. I've since since a dozen people wearing them, and it brings me back to that sense of solidarity of being 16. It's a universal "hey, you watch Breaking Bad, so do I. That's awesome"
Anyway, I told myself if I was going to buy this tshirt, I had to think of 5 ways to wear it. I don't wear tshirts too often so I wanted to make sure it was an investment. So after a long-list of 20+ outfits, I ended up with these 5.

Outfit One- Coloured Jeans and Converse
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
jeans- New Look
converse- Converse
leather jacket- H&M
Okay, I know you don't need me to tell me how to wear jeans and a tshirt, but I thought red jeans made this outfit a little more interesting, and converse and a leather jacket make it a little more smarter than a standard jeans, tshirt, hoodie combo (a favourite of mine at college)

Outfit Two- girls skirt and heels
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
skater skirt- Matalan
necklace- Zalando
heels- Marks and Spencers 
One of my favourites of the set. This is the perfect outfit for a casual drink (it's actually what I wore yesterday, minus the heels). A cute, high-waisted skater skirt is a great way to make the tshirt look cute and girly and I added heels for extra sophistication. I'd feel comfortable wearing this for dinner or a date.

Outfit Three- Floral skirt
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
skirt- Vintage
flats- Dune
Without realising, the colours of this skirt match perfectly with the colours in the tshirt! This strikes me as a kind of holiday outfit, or a warm day chilling out. I would have put sandals on but I haven't painted my toenails yet! I just wore this with ballet flats, but heels as in the outfit before works. This is a bit more fun in terms of almost-print mixing. I reckon this would work with black tights and a leather jacket for winter too.

Outfit Four- Leopard pencil skirt, leather jacket
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
leopard pencil skirt- Oasis
leather jacket-H&M
necklaces- Zalando and Topshop
boots- c/o Clothing at Tesco
I wasn't 100% sure at first if this outfit worked, but now I really liked it. A lot of the attention is gone from the tshirt here, but I think it's much more interesting than a plain shirt! I would wear this to a bar and maybe even a casual club.

Outfit Five- Leather Skirt and Major Heels
leather pencil skirt- c/o Lavish Alice
boots- Boohoo
I actually wore an outfit veryyy similar to this on a night out a few months ago, but with my Rolling Stones tshirt and leopard print boots (I couldn't find them for these photos!). I also added red lipstick after a bit of a meltdown over not being able to find it! I would definitely wear this for a club, plus it's a great conversation starter!

Some of my other favourite outfits based around graphic tshirts...

And for lolz, let's have a couple of photos of emo Charlotte shall we?

How do you like to wear your graphic tshirts? Which are your favourite ones?

Charlotte x

edit: Someone asked me about the sizing of my Los Pollos Hermanos tshirt. The sizings on ebay seemed really small so I went for a 10 and it's perfect. I'm usually an 8-10 in tops so if you're between sizes go for the bigger size.


  1. I love graphic t-shirts but I have annoyingly big boobs so it's hard to find ones that are flattering. V-neck ones are the best but hardly any exist! Grrr!

  2. I usually wear my graphic tees with high waisted shorts, denim button up shirts and Toms, Sperry's or Oxfords. It's kind of like that outfit "Inamorati Anonymous" but more basic preppy. I love how you wear different prints with it! I really need to expand my collection of interesting skirts and pants. I love your outfit in the "Day with Daddy" post!

  3. Hi!

    I've never commented here before, but I've been following your blog for a while now. The thing is that I'm not really a fashion person. I mean I like clothes, but I've never been really on trend or spend much money on fashion. I'm never in heels and the only accesoires I wear regularly are scarves. Still, I really enjoy your blog because unlike many fashionblogs I feel like your looks and tips are useful for me as a student on a budget and you've already inspired me to be a bit more daring and creative with fashion. I really liked this post, because I have a lot of graphic tshirts that I had never any idea how to wear except in the usual jeans combo. I love all the looks, my favourite is the second one.

    So you're going to Berlin soon? I'm German, so I should be able to give you some advice, but I've only been there twice myself (I live in the northwest, near Dortmund). I guess you already know about all the must-sees or you will see them during a tour (are you doing one?). What I did during my last visit to Berlin was visiting the oldest liquorice shop in Germany, which was really cool (at least for me as a liquorice lover). It's a cute little shop in Kreuzberg, if you're there I can only recommend giving it a look: http://www.kado.de/en/our-shop. Also, you're a vegetarian, aren't you? As you won't try the famous Currywurst then, you have to eat falafel! Berlin is famous for it, and I swear I ate the best falafel of my life in Berlin Kreuzberg. Anyway, no matter what you end up doing, I bet it's going to be great. Have a lovely time and I'm looking forward to reading about your trip here.

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  5. you can find good tshirts here too :) https://www.facebook.com/Wildu.tshirts

  6. I love those pants.....can't wait
    to buy some once I can wear regular clot
    graphic teeshes again!!!

  7. Hi Layla, you could check out our graphic tees which cater for all shapes- I myself am like you and that is why I designed tees to flatter females. We do oversized tees, fitted tees etc- and a lovely v-neck tee in two designs. Our tees are screen printed, so no nasty hard transfers and they're super soft too. I don't want to hijack this chat with sales talk...I just wanted to share that there are graphic tees out there for more curvy girls too!

  8. Love your fashion shoots totally awesome really nice choice of clothes x

  9. Nice outfit idea you share with us you looks adorable in this red dress keep sharing content like this.


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