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Urgh, I'm really sorry, some of these photos are a bit blurry. I must not have been stood in the right place before I pressed my remote.
As you can see, I have a new tshirt. I bought this Manchester Orchestra tshirt last night at the concert and I love it. There was another one, a white one, with a bear on it which was pretty cool, but I'm glad I chose this one. There's something I love about a really dressed-down casual look. You know how in teen movies and anything with Gok Wan they take people who live in jeans and tshirts and give them a makeup, slip them in a dress and then everyone gushes about how much more confident and sexy they feel? Well, I'm the opposite. I live in dresses and skirts and pretty blouses and blazers, and sure they make me feel good. But I feel so much more sexy and confident in jeans and a tshirt. I think it's just because I don't wear them very often, and because I think you're always going to look cute and sexy in a dress or skirt. In jeans and a tshirt you have to bring your own sexiness to it. Erick used to think I looked at my most sexy in sweatpants and a hoodie because he said he loved that I could be that comfortable around him. Comfortable enough to wear something unsexy and still feel sexy. I guess that's what this is. I'm not going to stop wearing dresses and skirts any time soon, and I almost didn't photograph this outfit because it's not amazingly styled and my shoes clash. But I liked it. So I did. If you're new to my blog (I seemed to have gained a lot of new followers lately- hi new guys!! Thanks for following my little blog!!), I very rarely dress like this. But like the girls who live in jeans and feel pretty in dresses, I feel pretty being casual.

I was so glad to be able to wear my maroon trousers today because it seemed cool outside but the weather today has been insane!! I went out at 2 in this and my leather jacket and was baking hot, then when I came out of the library at 6 it was chilly, and when I finished dancing at 8 it was absolutely hammering it down!! I must have looked ridiculous when I came home from dancing. My first dance class was so intense I was too exhausted to concentrate in my second one (I'm not normally so unfit, I've just felt really tired recently and felt faint all day today), I had walked home without an umbrella and was literally soaked to the skin. My mascara was all down my face, water had leaked through the holes in my converse and my sweatpants were too long and had dragged all along the floor!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really hate rain. It never used to bother me, but I swear despite all the snow, it never really seemed to rain when I lived in Minnesota. In the UK it rains all the bloody time. It's just so inconvenient!!

I really like this outfit. Having coloured jeans and trousers just makes a plain tshirt more interesting. I am, yet again, in my converse. They're soaked now though so I won't be wearing them for a few days. They kinda clash in this outfit but I like that. I cursed myself for not bringing back my black, black and white or green ones. I guess I don't need four pairs of converse at uni with me (I own 5 pairs). I feel like I need to go back to wearing dresses and girly stuff now for a few days to rediscover myself!! I need to pick October's Remix Item of the Month so maybe I'll pick something really feminine.

Manchester Orchestra tshirt- bought from concert
maroon trousers- river island via asos
trainers- converse
leather jacket- H&M

I won't be able to update tomorrow- work 10.30-3, coffee with Lauren my old housemate when we were in America, uni work and yet another dance class. Life is kinda crazy right now but I'm starting to feeling really positive about stuff. It seems time is a great healer after all.

Oh and sorry to keep bugging you, but if you haven't already, can you vote for me in the Matalan Style Project? It only takes a sec but it's getting close and I'd really like to win. Thanks, guys!! I'm gonna have a giveaway when I get to 350 followers as a thank you for all your amazing support.

Have a great day. I am going to go and rest my aching muscles from dancing so much. I probably won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow!!

Charlotte x


  1. These pants are SO good, I absolutely love the colour and this casual look is awesome. Sometimes some comfy coloured pants and a tshirt are just needed!!

  2. That's such an interesting point that you make about having to bring your own sexy to jeans and t-shirts... Maybe that's why I'm in dresses and skirts so often, they really do a lot of the work for you, where as in jeans and a t-shirt, you have to own in. Which I think you do in this look, the t-shirt is adorable. I love that it's for an orchestra! (Although I'm a sucker for anything with bears, so I'm a bit disappointed I don't get to see that tee, too!)

  3. i like so much what you post. feel free to check out mine and follow me if you really like.

  4. loving the casual outfit, gorgeous jeans!! i need to style my jeans more like you, i got two new pairs the other day and have no idea how to wear them anymore haha!

  5. Nice to see you in something different! Love the maroon jeans :)

  6. OMG OMG I went to see Manchester Orchestra when they were in town too!!
    but I kicked myself for not buying a t-shirt =(
    yours is totally cute ♥

  7. Neat shirt! I love a good band tee (but not if it's being worn by someone who doesn't actually listen to the band, what's up with that?)

    I really hate the rain too. I prefer snow because you can just brush it off your clothes before going in and be dry. Rain? Oh no, soggy is the only option. Which is why I like midi-skirts... long enough to keep my legs warm, short enough to keep out of slush and puddles!

  8. How cute - I love that you paired pink converse with red jeans!!


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