Remix Item of the Month: September- Conclusion

So, I mentioned a few weeks ago a new feature over here called "Remix Item of the Month" where I chose one hard-to-style item from my wardrobe a month and during that time I have to create three different remixes involving the item.
This month I chose this adorable- but tricky to style- thrifted polka dot skirt which I snagged from Savers in Duluth back in April. I'd never worn it so I decided it would be a great piece to challenge my remixing skills!!
The first time I wore it I paired it with my I Love Minnesota tshirt and red ballet flats. There's something about navy and white which makes me impulsively want to pair it with red. This was a really chilled-out outfit and was perfect for a day of hanging out with my day on a Sunday.
The second time I again, paired it with red. This look was a little more fun and a little more sophisticated. I love how when you look at the two pictures side-by-side, although they include the same skirt and same colour-scheme, they look completely different.
Finally, just this week I styled it with my rust blouse and brown flats. I wasn't sure about this outfit at first but it's really grown on me. I like the pairing of two different neutrals- I've always had a thing for navy and brown.

I think the challenge of this skirt was its length and its shape, and the polka dot print. I didn't want to over-power the print with more prints, and I also found I don't really own a lot of navy as a neutral, although I really like it. I would have liked to have tried this skirt with coral and with mustard yellow- maybe it's something I'll try in the winter time. I love how different all three of these outfits look when put together. I definitely think that's a remixing achievement.

I haven't chosen an outfit yet for my October remix, but watch this space!!

Which outfit is your favourite?

Charlotte xxx


  1. I absolutely love this idea, I've got so many difficult to wear clothes but I'm too afraid to try them out. I love all these looks, but I think my favourite is the first one. I love casual t-shirts with dressier skirts xo

  2. Daws' I just adore the way you paired with skirt with that silk tie up blouse! So beautiful and lady like... I would have never imagined that this skirt was tricky to style because every way you styled it seems so effortless and chic! xx

  3. i love how you styled the skirt, i think look two is my fave

  4. I love how you styled this, remix posts are my favourite!! So inspirational, love the second look. I have a similar skirt, I should try remixing it up :)

  5. I absolutely love the idea of remixing one item of clothing. I tend to wear the same items over and over so I might try mixing up my most worn items =)
    Look 2 from this post has gotta be my fave

    Jess x

  6. Great remix! The skirt is so lovely :) I especially like how you paired it with red. Very well done!!


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