It's a Wrap!

Okay, I have a confession to make, I took photos yesterday but didn't blog them. I completely ran out of time to blog last night, and I wasn't completely sold on the pictures because I took them inside. I still haven't found the perfect inside photo spot. I don't like taking photos inside, but I have managed to find some good spots over time (I have lived in four or five different places since I started this blog) but I am yet to find that in my new house. I am going to have to find somewhere soon though because the temperatures are seriously starting to drop. This from the girl who used to go outside and take photos in 3 feet of snow in Minnesota.


This outfit probably isn't the most flattering thing in the world but I'm not sure if I care. I've worn this dress before here and as soon as I bought this jumper I knew I had to layer it over. I am crazy in love with this jumper. I'm sure it could easily be perceived as really ugly, but I think it's adorable. It's also really snuggly and warm for Primark! My approach to today was that it was getting chilly outside so I was going to layer as much as possible. I'm not quite ready yet to start wearing my coat!!

Nothing new to report really!! I was surprised by how many of you think my life is really exciting based on my week in photos- I don't think it is!! All I seem to do is go to uni, dance and work!! I did speak to my friend Michelle on skype last night which was really nice and I went to my hip hop class, which I think is my favourite dance class at the moment. Tonight I'm just going to work, but I think I'm going for drinks tomorrow with some people on my course and Thursday my housemates and I are going to our musical theatre dance class, getting a curry and watching Hairspray!! Then, most excitingly of all, we're going out for Steph and Ed's birthday this weekend so all my friends are coming to Birmingham- yay!!

red dress- Zara
fairisle jumper- Primark
scarf- Forever 21
aviator jacket- River Island
boots- Love Label

Well, I've gotta go get ready for work- see you tomorrow!!

Charlotte x


  1. That is a great jumper! It was probably my first thought when I saw you sans jacket. And I just really dig this outfit in general. I actually really enjoy fall for all the layers it requires to keep warm instead of a big jacket... lets me temp-regulate more easily. You look really lovely in this :)

  2. This is a really cute outfit. I love you in red. I think I need more layers than you, I went into Manchester today and I have to say I think I am frozen. And of course, it rained. Maybe it's just the climate change, but I think you're brave for not outing the coat yet! xxx

  3. I am so in love with this sweater!! It's so gorgeous and looks nice and warm, perfect over the dress. This outfit is putting me in a holiday mood!

  4. what do you mean its not flattering! you look good and i love the red mixed in with the leather jacket & boots.

  5. Indoor photos are the most frustrating endeavor. Its so hard to get the lighting right and to not look like you're staring at your wall.
    Also, that dress/skirt IS AMAZINGGGG. The shape of it is so glorious.

  6. That dress is so adorable! I love how you paired it with that sweater/jumper. The whole outfit is really gorgeous!


  7. your scarf and sweater are amazzzzing :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. I love the fair isle sweater! The print isn't over the top, and I dig the color palette.

  9. love it!! is red.. do you really like red? coz i always looking you wore red colors. :)

  10. I love how you've layered everything to go together perfectly. :)
    And that jumper is adorable on you! Great look, I love it.

  11. love this outfit charlotte, youve been looking extra special lately ;)

  12. love this look! the sweater and scarf are fabulous!



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