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Sorry this is a bit late. It was my first night back at dancing tonight so I'm kinda starting to get a routine together with my life and trying to work out which days I can and can't blog. I've also had a bit of a stressful weekend so I'm just trying to sort my head out!! Here are some pictures from last week- there aren't as many as usual due to my Thursday photos post, but despite having a bit of a miserable and stressful week for the most part, I still had some fun.

1. Curry with my housemates on Monday
My housemates and I are serious curry lovers. I always forget how much I love curry. It's definitely something I missed a lot when I was in America. There just isn't a lot of Indian food out there. In contrast, I can see three curry places out of my window right now. The one we went to was so close we could see our apartment and our iPhones were still connected to our house wireless!! Having a curry place nearby is likely to be dangerous!! I had a vegetable dhansak and boiled rice- my favourite.
2. Juicy strawberry
These are probably my favourite sweets- after Sour Patch Kids anyway. It all started when I used to work on the Pick n Mix counter in Woolworths when I was 16.
3. Scissors that require scissors to open
One of life's paradoxes

4. Breakfast
Eggs and soldiers- yum!!
5. Old Joe
Another beautiful shot of our gorgeous campus. I never get sick of the sight of Joe and all the old, beautiful buildings on my campus. Birmingham was the first university I went to visit and it just had this atmosphere that I still feel today. It's such a beautiful campus.
6. Clearing out my purse
12 train tickets, numerous business cards and a lot of stuff I won't get rid of from my year abroad. I probably don't need to card for my American bank account or my health insurance details for the States, but hey, you never know.

7. Sexy socks
What I wore to stretch out my shoes on Friday. Very attractive.
8. Treatsize chocolate
My new addiction. I got a huge bag of mini chocolate bars from Aldi for £1.99 and they're perfect for a little pick-me-up.
9. Saturday's outfit
My housemate Briony tells me it was the hottest weekend in October in the UK in 100 years. I haven't worn tights (except for at work) since Wednesday. I've also been living in my converse.

10. Cinema with Beth
My housemate Beth and I went to see Crazy Stupid Love on Saturday as some respite from the afternoon heat. I really enjoyed it. I love going to the cinema.
11. Pretty new bows
I bought these from Claire's to wear when I do a beehive. Hoping to try one of them tomorrow as I have a 9am class and don't want to wash my hair.
12. Lazy Sunday plaits
I'm so glad my hair is long enough now to plait. It's so easy just to get rid of it when I can't be bothered to dry it properly!

13. Saturday's outfit
Hmm. I really liked the idea of this outfit (it was based on an outfit of Kendi's) but in reality it didn't make me feel quite as amazing as I hoped. I'd like to toy with it and try it again though.
14. Today's outfit
Today, unfortunately for me, was the windiest day ever. This skirt was basically made of silk. It was blowing up ALL DAY and I wasn't wearing any tights. This outfit was simple- skirt, tank, cons- but I really liked it for a hot day.
15. Dance classes
Tonight I went to Zumba (which, I have to be honest, I wasn't mad about- I thought it would be more like dance aerobics but it wasn't as challenging as I expected) and Advanced Hip Hop. I'd never done hip hop before and thought I was being a little ambitious trying advanced, but I loved it!! Plus when I came home exhausted, my housemate Briony had made the most amazing spinach and cheese cannelloni. So yummy.

Well it's meant to be cooling down tomorrow and I think I should be able to squeeze an outfit post in before I go see Manchester Orchestra (yay!! it's my fourth time and I cannot wait!!). Promise I'll get a schedule up and sorted soon and regular posting will ensue.

Have a great day, guys!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love number 3, 6 and 7. They made me laugh.
    6 and 7 are something I do a lot. I kept train tickets from the subway in new york that expired years ago 'cos I didn't have the heart to throw them away =). Eventually had to because I bought a smaller purse and they wouldn't fit in with the essentials =(

    Jess x

  2. I wanna see saturdays outfit in the full and also todays with the leopard skirt, WHAT is that amazing thing and please show me

  3. You should frame all that stuff in a shadow box with pics of your friends, I made one for a trip to Europe I took with my girls in 2005.
    ALSO, that Saturday outfit...I STEAL EVEEERRYYYTHING!

  4. Wait, people still eat eggs in those little egg cups? How are you supposed to get all the tasty white out? I usually peel my boiled eggs.

    I really like that leopard print skirt, too bad it kept flipping up. It's always windy here in Ottawa, no matter the season so I need to be careful of that at all times hah.

    I really need to get into some sort of dance class again. Part of me really wants to give belly dancing another try, but I'm just so uncoordinated.


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