Week in Photos

1. New dress
I ordered this gorgeous navy dress last week and ohmigosh it's perfect. It's like the dress I've been waiting my whole life for.
2. Box o' cardigans
I have far, far too much knitwear
3. Briony's new trousers
Briony just bought these amazing silver trousers from Zara. I swear I would look ridiculous in them but she looks amazing!!

4. Wednesday night drinks
I love that my £12 Primark shoes gained more compliments than my £70 Zara blazer
5. Thursday night in
We've been talking about watching Hairspray for ages and we finally watched a good 20 minutes of it on Thursday.
6. Cat earmuffs
For Tam

7. Pink sparkly nails
I am obsessed with my housemate's glittery Barry M nail varnish!
8. "2nd City Liquor"
Birmingham, you are not Chicago

9-10: Baby pictures
Because Beth doesn't believe that I was about the least cute child ever. I went to my grandparents' house on Friday and I snapped these photos of really old photos they have at their house. 

11: Like mother, like daughter
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that when I got home on Friday, my Mum was wearing the exact same outfit as me!! We had no idea til I got home!!
12: New midi skirt
I'm so excited to show you this properly!!
13: Free tea and biscuits
There are perks of Driver Awareness Tests

14: Favourite people ever
I wish this photo wasn't so blurry because it would have been such a good one. I just wish Steph could have been in it, but it was her Birthday so she had lots of people to hang out with!! 
15. Brunch outfit
I am so in love with this jacket. It was such a nice day today- perfect tshirt and jacket weather
16. Fried egg sandwich and smoothie
Breakfast with the besties.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Charlotte x


  1. I love the look of that dress!! Is it from Missguided, coz I'm loving the look of a lot of their stuff at the moment =) And the midi skirt also looks amazing, I'm still looking for one that'll suit me and work in A/W. And that's so funny about your mum!! I saw that Tweet and I thought it was hilarious and amazing haha =D

  2. ahh that midi skirt looks fab. i do love red and i love it even more when you wear it my dear.

  3. That blazer seems like the perfect brunch-ish thing to wear, hehe! I bet it would look good with skirts as well as pants too!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  4. i like the midi skirt.. so pretty.. irene wibowo


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