Fight off your demons

If I look incredibly uncomfortable in these photos, it's because there was a weird guy in my alley (MY ALLEY!!) when I took them and he was kinda lurking around me, pretending to be on the phone. He eventually creeped me out so much (I mean who hangs out in alleys for kicks... except me) that I packed up and came inside. I was kinda annoyed but also glad I didn't meet my maker in the alley.

brand new tshirt- Brand New website (about 5 years ago)
red midi skirt- Internacionale
leather jacket- H&M
wedges- New Look
hat- Marks and Spencers

If you follow me on Instagram (girlnextdoorfashion) you might have seen this outfit as a work in progress this morning. I was reading this thread on Polyvore for advice on what to wear with a red pleated midi skirt (perfect!) and was trying on each of the different options. I didn't think this outfit work work but I really like it. It's funny, someone commented a few days ago that I wear a lot of red on my blog. Well, I guess a lot of you weren't around then, but up until January of this year (and for 4 and a half years before then), I had pink in my hair and would never, ever wear red because it clashed with my hair. Now I'm so glad I don't have that problem anymore because I LOVE red.

I've had this tshirt since I was about 16. I am a huge Brand New fan and this is one of their shirts. It's always perfect when you need a grungy tshirt, plus I like supporting my favourite band. Talking of old favourites, for about 5 minutes this morning I thought I'd lost my leather jacket. I'm not sure where I thought I'd lost it, but I thought it was lost, nonetheless. I would absolutely die if anything happened to this jacket. It is the perfect leather jacket. Oh and as you can see, this is my new skirt. Love.

Well, my costume plans didn't quite go right (Briony's Katy Perry costume didn't come in time and I didn't want to be Russell Brand alone) so I pulled together a last-minute 60s-inspired costume thanks to lots of backcombinb, hairspray, red lipstick and a polka dot dress. Tbh, I just look like a more exaggerated version of myself! I'm hopefully gonna get a few photos to show you!!

Have a great night!!

Charlotte x


  1. Super cute!! I am loving the long red skirt with the leather jacket so chic. I hate when people lurk while I'm taking pictures, sooo awkward

  2. I really love this outfit, it's turned out so well. The colour of the skirt is fantastic.

    Lady, you be careful while taking your pictures!!! That would totally creep me out!

  3. This look is great! Love you hat! And that you can see the writing on the back of your hand in the last photo :)

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous skirt! I love a bit of red with a leather jacket xx

  5. that skirt is beautiful, and how weird are creepy guys? go away weirdo.


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