All Black

One of my favourite outfits ever? I think so. I don't know what it is but I just felt absolutely shit hot today. The red lipstick was a last minute decision but I think it pops really well against an all-black outfit. I love this deep, berry red. So much more autumnal than my usual bright red.

I was sent these gorgeous shorts from Very and I had them altered this week. I absolutely love them. When I was asked to choose something, I fell in love with them. I've wanted a pair of leather shorts since last winter, I have lots of outfit ideas for them. I really love the contrast of leather and knit, and I've seen a lot of bloggers doing it lately so I had to try it out. I was going to wear a plain white shirt, but I thought I'd play with wintery checks and I added black ribbon again like I did here. I also wore the same tights, socks and wedges combo that I wore last Friday. These must be my Friday shoes!!

Today I got up early, which was weirdly refreshing- especially as I am absolutely knackered yesterday- and got on with my packing before a couple of hours of work in the library. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was chosen to be the Motel Student Ambassador for my university so today I went out to take street style photos. Doing street style is hard!! A lot of people rejected me but some people were really lovely. I managed to take 11 photos in total, and I'm going to go take some more next week. I have so much more respect for people shooting street style now!!

leather shorts- c/o Very
jumper- Topshop
plaid shirt- donated from my Mum
wedges- New Look

I'm writing this from back home. It's funny, I went 4 months without coming home or seeing my parents this time last year, but I was excited to come back this weekend. Coming home is different now, after living in America for a year. I think I appreciate it more. Okay, I'm not going to lie, I hate it when I live back home because I get frustrated. But it's nice to come home for a weekend, for a bit of a break. Coming home is always the same. Stockport is always the same. The same buildings, the same people. Everything the same as my childhood. It's nice, in a way. The memories, the nostalgia. It's always good to come back after a break. I remember the excitement I experienced when I came home from America for Christmas. I get bored very easily, and I love to move. A month ago, I couldn't wait to get back to Birmingham. Now it's nice to have a weekend away. In the same way that it was nice coming home from America, and just as great going back. I fought this weekend though, because I've been so stressed that I knew I didn't have time to have a weekend off, but sometimes I think that's what you need. Home comforts.

Wow, sorry for the epic photo dump. I just really liked the photos today. Well, I'm going to have an early night tonight and go shopping with my Mum tomorrow (I NEED this Primark jacket that Laura scored) and then I'm off out for my friend Jenny's birthday. Sunday I think I'll stay in and try to catch up on at least some of my work!! I'll have my usual Weekend Remix and Week in Photos coming up though.

Have a lovely Friday!!

Charlotte x


  1. Great outfit! No wonder you felt hot, you look killer. I actually really hate going home because nothing there is the same anymore, while I wish it was. It doesn't feel like "coming home" anymore because my parents live in a house I'd never lived in, and they've torn down my middle-school and the flea market burned down. Ah well. I hope you have a really good weekend :D

  2. Love your faux leather shorts lady, I have some that I got last winter and have worn them once, I really need to dig them out! Good luck on the jacket hunt, I hope you find it! If not I've seen one in H&M very similar, just a heads up :)

    L x

  3. I love those tights!! Such a cute outfit!

  4. This faux leather shorts are sooo amazing, I wish I had some like this. And the checkered top looks perfect with the sweater over it! Such a great look. No wonder you felt hot, you look hot!

  5. Your legs look so long and pretty in this outfit!! Oh my gosh!! :] Not that your legs don't normally look nice, they just look extremely long here!! You look great - those shorts are perfect.

    xo Michelle

  6. I love this! Although I would've add another red accessory :) What lipstick are you wearing? It looks lovely on you!

  7. I had to alter my outfit too. Was too long, but i manage to work a bit of magic on it. It looks like you have too - the shorts look great! x

  8. I love those shorts - I really want a leather skirt!

  9. Haha I love that you admitted you felt shit hot. I love those day, just walking around with your head held high and a spring in your step. You do look amaze, red lipstick has to be done with black :) xx

  10. I think this is one of my favorites, as well! You probably felt hot because you LOOK hot. Seriously. I love those tights, and the amazing shorts, and pretty much everything else. Especially the red lips! Perfect.


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