Extra mustard, please!

When the lovely folks at Boohoo asked me to chose something from their website I was excited, but also hugely overwhelmed. I absolutely love boohoo and knew I had to look through everything before committing. Eventually, I decided to dive right in and I chose this mustard skirt. I am crazy about mustard for the cooler months and had been looking for a mustard skirt for a while. However, when it arrived, I was stumped. It was a much richer, more gorgeous shade of mustard than I expected (much less yellow than I had thought, which I prefer) and I wanted to do it justice. This was my second outfit this morning. I worried that mustard-on-mustard might be a little much, but I actually love it. I've been working on the cost-per-wear of this mustard blazer, seeing as I know I shouldn't have splashed out £70 on it, so I've been trying to work it into my wardrobe more. They're a slightly different colour, but I don't think you can tell too much. Someone actually complimented me on my suit today which made me think they must look good together!! It's like when someone says they like my dress and it's a top and skirt- it makes you feel well put-together. 

Black and white nails today! I was bored of my navy and white ones and they were starting to chip, but I wanted neutral nails because I'm considering wearing black to the IFB Crystals and Crumpets event on Friday, but thought black and white was too similar to navy and white. So I did white with black spots instead. They're kinda like dalmatians.

mustard skirt- c/o Boohoo
mustard blazer- Zara
ballet flats- H&M
white shirt- ?

This shirt was a revelation. I'd seen loads of pretty blouses with black bows but didn't want to splash out on something so simple, so I just bought some ribbon for 50p and tied it around the neck of a white shirt. Voila!  Instant ribbon shirt. I think it ties in the mustard so well. There's something I love about black, white and mustard. It's like black, white and red. It's just timeless and really works. I'm really glad I chose this skirt! I'm wearing it a little lower than the waist on these pictures though because it's a bit too big. I always have this problem with skirts- I don't want to get one too small because it won't fit over my hips but it's always too big on my waist!!

Oh and before I go, I have some news. I'm taking part in the Matalan Style Project this month and you can now vote for my look!! I'll be writing more about it tomorrow- I'd already taken today's pictures when I found out I could announce it today but you can vote for me now!! All you need to do is comment with Girl Next Door Fashion. It would be wonderful if you could all vote for me!! I'm gonna get my Matalan post up tomorrow and taken extra photos to post up for Friday because I'll be at the IFB event in London, and finally meeting my blogging BFF Sian!! I can't wait!!

Have a wonderful evening!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I couldn't even tell that the skirt wasn't the exact same shade as the blazer! They both really do go splendidly together, and it does look like a dress suit. :)

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  2. You look so chique! Almost like a businesswoman :) A very fashionable one though!

  3. Like I said on Twitter... love this! The two pieces really look like they belong together, imo. Great money saving idea with the ribbon too.

  4. Mustard, mustard and more please!! I adore this skirt, and the combination of the double colour together is so wonderful!! The little bow just makes it even better

  5. I absolutely love this outfit!! I wish I could wear this colour but it doesn't suit me at all.
    Just found your blog - it's brilliant.



  6. LOVEEE this entire outfit. The yellow is so perfect together, I would never think to pair mustard with more mustard. I also love the bow on your top, it's such a cute/elegant touch that really brings the whole thing together!

  7. wow I would have thought that both the mustard jacket and skirt would be too much but it looks great. Love the ribbon.

  8. ooo i love this, I too wanted to buy a white blouse with black trims, but didn't want to part with the cash, so might try your excellent idea!! Will be popping over to matalan to vote for you, saw earlier today you were on there and felt really chuffed for you!! :)

  9. Charlotte this is the most beautiful outfit! Mustard is such a wonderful color on you! I can't believe those pieces match so well, even though they are from different places!

  10. I love this outfit. Looks great. X

  11. Your blog is amazing and provides me with great style and fashion inspiration!

    I'm attending New York Fashion Week and would love for you to check out my coverage (lots of insider exclusives and fashion moments)

    style and musings of a fashion lawyer playing, living, shopping and working in LA

  12. Not sure I'd be brave enough to go with all that mustard, but it looks so good! I also have that issue with skirts though - so irritating.

  13. this is really cute. i love the simple color palette and the way you styled your new skirt. p.s. your hair is a great accessory!

  14. that's a really cute choice from them. I love it with the little bow-tie.


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