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I wasn't really expecting a particularly fun week, but I've actually really enjoyed it. I worked on Monday evening and Tuesday I went shopping with my Mum. Wednesday I worked and went into Manchester to get birthday presents. Thursday I caught up on my work and went to a fashion show with my friends. Friday I went to my friends' house and then for dinner with my parents, and Saturday I went to Birmingham for my friends' birthday. Here are this week's photos..

1. Butternut squash soup
I may not be good as sports, or art or science, but I have fab soup-making skills. Butternut squash soup is my specialty.

2. Fish fingers and beans
And my dad's specialty.

3. Leopard print nails
These looked amazing and I was so proud of them. I will definitely be experimenting with different colour combinations.

4. Fashion show outfit
I still haven't managed to get a picture of this outfit, even though I've worn it twice. Purple lace dress, leopard booties and leather jacket.

5. Purple smokey eye
With a purple smokey eye.

6. It's Called a Break Up Because It's Broken
Okay, I seriously cannot praise this book highly enough. I bought it years ago when I broke up with my first love at 18, and my friend Kayleigh had it for ages. I pinched it back off her on Friday and read the whole thing from cover to cover. For anyone going through a break up, it's the ultimate resource. I'm going to keep going back to it when I start feeling down.

7. Chickens!!
Kayleigh and her family keep chickens for eggs. They are so cute and feeding them is so therapeutic.

8. World's biggest baked potato
Kayleigh also made me the biggest baked potato and salad this week. It was amazing.

9. New Primark
This is our new Primark in Stockport. It's pretty big and I really like it. I've been in twice now and got some cardigans the other day. I have a feeling having a Primark in Stockport might be really, really dangerous for me.

10. New glasses
Going in to collect these on Tuesday. I can't wait!!

11. New makeup bag
From Primark of all places!! I love anything Oilcloth at the moment and this was only £1.50!

12. Duck pens
Another one for Laura. Saw these and had to snap them for her. Turns out she already has one!!

13. Rediscovered jeans
I've had these jeans forever but have a thing for coloured denim. They're way too big for me now and I can't work out if I could still get away with them...

14. New uni bag
I've been looking everywhere, literally everywhere, for a bag big enough for uni. I went to Cath Kidston to find Becca's birthday present and fell in love with their bags. I found this one on ebay!

15-17: Dinner with Mum and Dad
White wine spritzer with lemonade (it's my chill-out drink), hot rocks prawns and after dinner chocolates.

18. Happy Birthday, Daddy
It was my Dad's birthday yesterday, so I snapped a picture of his card, and the framed picture of us I sent him for his birthday last year while I was abroad.

19. Packing list
I need a lot of stuff for one night!!

20. Train companions
Trains for me mean magazines, music and naps.

21. Birthday cake
Steph made Becca a yummy chocolate cake for her birthday! Yum!

22. Tea time
I bought Steph this mug for her birthday last year while I was abroad and it's always my mug when I come round. I wish I'd gotten myself one!!

23. Chips three ways
Post-clubbing snack.

24. Student wristband
I don't really drink much, so a half-price student wristband didn't really bother me. I did get everyone else's drinks for them though!!

25. Navy polka dot nails
I was bored of my leopard nails and fancied a change. I wanted to do red with white spots but all my red nail varnishes were gloopy, so I went for navy instead. I'm gonna get a new red nail polish this week so I can do red and white spotty nails. Watch this space!!

26. Fish, chips, peas and curry sauce
I haven't had fish and chips properly since Christmas (okay, I went for fish and chips with Erick and his parents in March and I had a few chips a few weeks ago, but that doesn't count!!) but this was what my Dad wanted for his birthday tea, so this was what we had!!

Have a fantastic Sunday- I'll be back tomorrow!!

Charlotte x


  1. I saw a tutorial yesterday for Burberry plaid nails & I want to try them so bad!! Just thought I'd share as I thought it was so classy & cool.

    Looks like you had a good week! And speaking of those red jeans, I actually think they look quite good!! But if you know someone with a bit of sewing talent, it's easy to turn too-big jeans into a denim skirt... and I think a red denim skirt would be quite cute. :]

    xo Michelle

  2. god i wanna go to that primark, any primark really considering ive never been to one lol!! so jealous.

  3. Aha thank you for the photo lady, I never tire of seeing duck items :)

    L x


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