If you follow me on twitter (@gnd_fashion) you'll know that I was freaking out yesterday because England was hit with a heat wave today and I have absolutely no idea how to dress for this kind of weather. It has been absolutely boiling today. I hate hot weather. I have no idea what to wear.

I've had this dress for ages but I've not worn it properly yet. I realised it is such a year-round dress. I'm really excited to layer over it when it gets colder. But today I just wanted to throw on something comfy and simple. Not the most exciting outfit in the world. I'm not mad on these photos. I think this dress needs some more interesting touches. It was just too hot for me to care today.

If you are really, really observant you might notice that I am not wearing tights. I was this morning, but they were really laddered and my shoes were just a little bit small and were rubbing a bit, so I took them off in the toilets and threw them away. That's a pretty bold move for me!! I never get my legs out without tights and I felt a little nervous and uncomfortable, but strangely liberated.

mustard dress- boohoo
leopard shoes- c/o zalando
mustard belt- dorothy perkins
owl necklace- new look


Okay, I'd better go get on with the million things I had planned to do today.
Have a great evening,

Charlotte x


  1. I'd actually not have noticed the tightlessness had you not pointed it out. Your legs are really not that pale :p I always feel almost-naked when I finally take my tights off and start rocking bare legs for the season, but it's such a nice feeling when you get used to it. I've always found tights to feel very restricting, and I always worry I'll rip or tear them.

    It is a cute outfit, but I have to agree that it's pretty plain. Maybe a colourful belt next time? Such a pretty dress though, bet it would look awesome with your tobacco tights.

  2. Love this color yellow, I think your legs look great tights-less. Besides, sounds like it is to hot for tights.

  3. I love this, really suits you, less is more and all that!!!

    I'm gonna be the same if its hot tomorrow, Argh!! x

  4. Lovely outfit! Love those shoes!

  5. oh i just love your dress and those shoes are so so adorable :)

  6. you look adorable! i <3 your dress!

  7. I love this colour on you, so pretty! I had the same problem today, I went out in jeans and immediately regretted it :( Oh well, at least it might allow me to pull out my summer dresses again before the snow we're meant to get in October xo

  8. Its been a hot gross swamp in NY for over a week (hence no outfit pics form me). I'd say enjoy the summer surge even if its uncomfortable. You look so adorable and ready for anything :) including tossing your tights mid day.

  9. Your legs really aren't that pale, you look lovely! Mustard is just a great colour on you :)

  10. You look great without the tights, I never wear nude tights - either black or none. I find them quite restricting and annoying. Just can't get on with them. The dress is lovely, I like the colours.
    It was sooo boiling today wasn't it! I was wearing shorts and a vest and was dying after a 20 minute stroll into town! x

  11. The flesh color of your dress matches the color of your skin so I would definitely say that you'd picked the perfect dress for you. You are too pretty on that dress!

  12. From arm a little fat, but looks from leg very thin, white skin and yellow skirt very match. Really beautiful. If want buy 2013 summer dress, click:


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