Thursday, 22 September 2011

Very Berry

I was just saying to my roommate, Briony, when I update every day I have absolutely nothing new to say, so this is likely to be quite short. Although, whenever I say that, I come up with more to say than I think. I talk a lot, you might have noticed.

My outfit today is inspired by one of my favourite newly-discovered bloggers, Gwen of This Fashion Is Mine. I fell in love with her outfits ideas for her first week of uni and this outfit is inspired by the first outfit. I would never have thought to pair this long-sleeved maroon top with my French Connection skirt, but I really like it. It helps keep the outfit autumnal, which I really love. I am also crazy about this lip colour. I got it when I did work experience at Love It! magazine. They gave me a great little goody bag of  makeup and hair products and this Model's Own colour was in the bag. I was worried it wasn't going to suit me but I love the deep berry colour.

berry top- new look
pleated skirt- c/o french connection
military boots- xavi

Speaking of autumnal colours, if you haven't already can you please vote for me at the Matalan Style Project? I would really love to win, and it's a tie at the moment, so I'd love you just to take 30 seconds to pop over and do it for me. Thanks so much!

 I'll be back tomorrow- have a great evening!

Charlotte x


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  2. Very lovely lipstick colour, it's great on you. I keep wishing I'll find a darker red shade for myself but I'm starting to think they all just look funny on me.

  3. You look great! Love maroon shades :) and the lipstick looks lovely on you too xx

  4. Great outfit again! Those colours suit you perfectly :) love the 'sweet' (pleated skirt) and the 'rock chick' (the boots) combined together.

  5. These colours look so good together and it's such an unexpected combination, I really love it!!

  6. This outfit just inspired me! i just found your blog and i love your style! followed :)

  7. totally cute, love that skirt

  8. I love how your skirt matches your hair! You look great.

  9. I love the skirt your wearing, I'm not usually into skirts that are that length but that is absolutely adorable.
    (I also love your hair, mine used to be a little bit similar to that, and you've made me miss it a little bit =) )