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Writing scheduled posts is always a little weird. Do I pretend to write from the past, or the present, or to the future? Confusing. Well, by the time you read this I'll be in London for the IFB Crystals and Crumpets event!! But I took these photos yesterday and really wanted to share them with you. Because I don't know how much I'll be able to post when I get back to uni, I've been trying to take advantage of the time I've got at the moment to take photos every day and blog every day. Planning ahead really helps!!

So this is what I wore yesterday. Mustard yellow jeans. You might remember me lusting over these mustard Topshop trousers a few weeks ago, and trying them on and not being sure about them. Well, over the past few weeks I saw the gorgeous Carrie of wishwishwish rocking them, and Sarah of The Styling Heart rocking them not oncenot twicebut three times on her blog, causing me to consider heading back into Topshop and giving them another go. Well, when I was approached by Michael at Student Fashion Blog to pick an item from Select clothing to review, I fell in love with these mustard jeans. I had a horrible feeling they wouldn't fit (I've mentioned before the nightmare I have buying jeans due to my...generous hips and thighs) or would just look awful. I even asked Michael to check with them what the policy would be if I wanted to return them. Anyway, I took the plunge, and when Michael emailed me on Wednesday and said they were coming, I was nervous. I received the beautiful box with shaking hands and felt a horrible wave of guilt as I read the little message the Select folk had left in the box for me, expressing their excitement for my review. Oh god, I thought, they're not gonna fit and I'm going to feel a horrible combination of fat and guilty. Not a good combo. I opened them and like my boohoo skirt, they were a gorgeous, rich shade of mustard. I ran upstairs to put them on. One leg, two leg, hips, button. Oh my god they fit. And oh my god, I love them. You can read my full review over at student fashion blog.

These trousers just make me happy. And sure, they don't disguise my hips and thighs, but so what? I adore them. I have loads of ideas for new ways to wear them- they're so perfect for the new season. My mustard clothing collection is getting crazy now- today I counted a cardigan, a scarf, a coat,a blazera skirta jumpera shirt, tights, socks... okay, I think that's it, but it's still a lot. You'll definitely be seeing a lot of mustard over here over the next few weeks. I kept it simple today with this tshirt and my new wine cardigan, which was an impulse buy in our new Primark. This tshirt is a bone of contention in our house. I bought it in New York and my Mum wanted one too. I got this one and a black one. I'm convinced she couldn't get the white one in her size and that she only got the black one. She's sure she got one of each. But I can't find "my" white one, if we do in fact have two. Until today I was going to let her keep it while I went back to uni, but I've fallen back in love with it today. Eeek.

mustard jeans- c/o Select clothing
peter pan collar tshirt- H&M
ballet flats- H&M
wine cardigan- Primark

Well, that's all from me. I'll be back tomorrow with a round up of Crystals and Crumpets!!
Oh and if you haven't already, please vote for me at the Matalan Style Project!!
Have a lovely Friday!!

Charlotte x


  1. This outfit is seriously perfect on you! I think the colors look great! It is a winner!

  2. Mustard pants = awesome
    Mustard pants + red cardigan = More awesome
    Also you should probably just take the shirt becuase if your mom really bought one there will be another one somewhere in the house waiting for her! And also it is super cute on you.

  3. Love all of this outfit...every, little, bit! :)

  4. very nice outfit!
    *love your hair!

  5. You look great, the colours are perfect together! And the leaves on the ground compliment the outfit colours too! x

  6. Oh I love the colours in this outfit :D

  7. Mustard! I just love mustard so much. I really want a pair of mustard tights this fall/winter. But more than that, I really want those pants and that means a lot considering that I don't like pants at all!

    You've probably did something like this, but I tagged you for a blog award. You don't have to do this, but if you want, check out my blog for more info :)

  8. You look gorgeous in those jeans! And also, for the record, you look slim and healthy. It made me smile when you mentioned your "generous" hips and thighs, because for one, I think you look fabulous and proportionate and beautiful, and for two I can relate. I hate wearing jeans too, for the same reason. They usually just look funky on me.
    But on you, they look amazing!

  9. I love this sweet, simple outfit! The jeans look fabulous! You're inspiring me to try some colorful jeans...I tend to shy away from jeans since I have fuller hips and find it hard to find any that fit well.

  10. I'm glad they made you happy :) you look great in them!

    I hope we get to meet up soon lady! xxx

  11. Ooo I really like this outfit, 2 of my favourite colours right now, mustard and wine :) I have this cardigan :P

    L x

  12. Haha i've literally bought the same outfit, just the opposite way around... mustard on top and wine on the bottom :) I love your shirt though x

  13. Ahhh these pants are way too amazing!! I love them with the red sweater too. I can see that they'll be super versatile, mustard is such a wonderful colour


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