Blue and Yellow

(extra points if you get the reference to The Used in the title)

(I love that you can just make out the aerial lift bridge in the background :]])

You make have noticed that I am kinda pale. Okay, I'm very pale. We Brits call it the English Rose look. But when it comes to clothes I don't really care if things don't "suit me" or if I'm "too pale for that", I just wear what I want so long as it looks good!! Anyway, yellow is a notoriously tricky colour to pull off, apparently, but it's set to be a huge hit next season. I had the idea for this outfit a couple of days ago as I've seen a lot of bloggers wear buttoned, belted cardigans over their dresses and I thought, fab, what a great way to remix this dress for about the millionth time (not seen my other looks with this dress? Here you go- 1/2/3/4/5). I am completely in love with this mustard cardigan. Mustard is just so fresh and bright without being overwhelming. Anyway, I went to grab my usual fur coat this morning and then decided to have a change. I've only worn this yellow coat a couple of times but it really brightened up my day today!

dress- forever 21
coat- ebay
cardigan- H&M
shoes- new look
scarf- topshop

I really love this outfit. But one thing I was thinking about today was the idea of an outfit being "flattering". What does this mean? Does this mean it helps me body to conform to the ideal? It makes my legs look longer or my waist look smaller or my body look thinner? Does an outfit have to be "flattering" to be stylish? I am a huge fan of chunky knits but tend to avoid them as they make me look bigger, but they are still stylish. Do we only choose to wear pieces that compliment our bodies? Discuss.

I recently discovered Toycamera, which I massacred edited all these pictures in. It's so quick and so easy if you just want to edit your pictures. As you can probably tell, Erick took these pictures today, aren't they lovely? My new lens arrived this afternoon too and I think I might bring my camera out tonight so hopefully I can take post some pictures up tomorrow!! I spent some alone time with my camera and camera book last night so I think things are starting to make sense. Kinda.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Tonight I am going on what was supposed to be a double date but is now a girl's night out t see Hamlet and for dinner. My friend Mimi and I had a Shakespeare class together last semester and really wanted to see Hamlet so we were really excited when we found out it was on in Duluth!! I'm also making cookies this afternoon as if you follow my Tumblr you'll know I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents this weekend!! What on earth do I wear?!

(I am such a fumbly mess when I have gloves on but my hands were freezing!! Fact fans- my gloves have pandas on them)

Well I've just unpacked my new lens and it's AMAZING so I'm off to go have some alone time with that for a little bit!! 
Have a fantastic weekend!!

Charlotte xxx

photos by Erick


  1. Really great pics and I love that song by The Used :)

  2. awesome use of colour in your outfit, love it!

  3. This color combo is so new and exciting!

    I'm obsessed with editing my photos such as the way you have. Using something that's so easy can be addicting, regular photos just start looking boring!

    Wearing flattering clothes?! HA! No I'm quite the opposite. I probably should care a bit more, flattering colors and/or shapes but I just don't. I wear what I like and I like what I wear.

  4. Love love love this colourful outfit! You look great in yellow.
    I agree with Michelle above, "flattering" is/ should be in the eye of the wearer!
    Have fun with your new lens ;)
    M xo

  5. 1. You are gorgeous!! Seriously stunning. I love how you put all of these colors together!
    2. Have SO much fun at Hamlet..that will be amazing!!
    3. I got The Used reference! They were all I listened to in Highschool! Love it. xoxo

    Have a great weekend beautiful!!

  6. I love the color combination too! I think the items I find flattering on me are the ones that highlight my best assets, in my opinion. It's all about feeling good about myself :)

  7. These pictures are so great, Charlotte! I love the editing! :) Have fun with your new lens.. once again, I'm jealous!! ;) Annnndd you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Don't try to conform, just be yourself! I'm sure they'll like you!

  8. waauuuw great pictures and great outfit, I love some colour in these dark days :p Love your hair too!!


  9. I love the print of the dress! Wish you had a shot of the whole thing to see what it's like but it looks cold!

    I also really like yellow coats! I don't know if this sound strange, but I dream of a Breton fishermans style one with turned up sleeves and blue and white stripey lining x

  10. You look amazing Charlotte!! And you're on the hot page on Lookbook!! I feel honoured to know you haha =D Congrats =))
    Your question is a tough one, I think I tend to pick out outfits that I think are flattering on me, but often I'll pick out things that I've seen are flattering on other people (like bloggers etc) and aren't necessarily on me. I don't know really, it's difficult!
    Sian xx

  11. goodness I love your photos and outfit and your hair is amazing and you are probably used to being told that.


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