British Redcoat

I will start with two disclaimers. One, I literally had no idea this skirt was so short until I went to edit the pictures. It's too big on my waist so I belt it, but I think maybe it's supposed to be a hip skirt so this could explain the length. I apologise for exposing so much leg in my last two posts. Two, the lighting today was a little bitch and I just couldn't get myself in the right position. Therefore there aren't many pictures because the only ones I like are basically all the same. So I apologise.

Not an awful lot to report today. I went for dinner and to a Feminist event last night with my friend Michelle and then watched a movie with some of her housemates. Today, I went to the library and for sushi with Michelle but I ended up coming home early cause my cold, which I thought I'd gotten rid of, has come back with a vengeance :[[ Tonight I am going to a drag show on campus and then to a friend's for a sleepover with the girls! The rest of the weekend will be spend doing the usual- homework! But the boy is back tomorrow so I'll see him on Monday and then it's my 21st Birthday on Wednesday- eeek!!

jacket- zara
skirt- primark
blouse- H&M
shoes- H&M

This jacket is my new baby. As you might have read, I wanted a trench coat in New York but it turns out they're not really my style. Fortunately, I found this gorgeous red blazer instead. The material is really thick and gorgeous and it's such a great fit. It was exactly what I wanted. I've worn it a couple of times but I've seen so many bloggers in red blazers- I can't wait to see what I can do with it!

Well I want to try and squeeze a nap in before I go out so I'd better be going :]] I might get time to come back tomorrow- I really loved this week's Friend Friday questions so I might make it Friend Sunday :]]

Have a great Saturday!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I don't think it looks to short. I love the red jacket, very eye popping!

  2. oh i hate that when you see a really cute skirt but its actually meant to be sat on your hips so its really short, this doesnt look too short though, it covers everything which is all that matters. i love the red blazer its quite fabulous. yay for your birthday :) bet you're excited xo

  3. I really love your red blazer it;s quite fabulous!! it looks great with the pleated skirt!
    Happy birthday, hopefully you don't feel sick then!

  4. Gorgeous look, hun! I'm loving that beautiful blazer & you definitely pull off the skirt. I'm also loving that last picture, it's fab with all of the open space -GORG! xx veronika

  5. the skirt looks fine! i always say, as long as it covers your butt it's fine. haha

  6. I loooove your blazer! So gorgeous! :) Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead! Enjoy it!

  7. i love the skirt, i cant get enough of pleats at the moment. i really like the way your hair is coloured too, its really unique and cool. hope you have a great 21st!

  8. I love your outfit, especially the pop of color your blazer gives!!

    The Honeyroom

  9. hahaha yeah the skirt is short, but the blazer totally makes it respectable, and it shows off your hourglass figure nicely! your legs look superlong :)

  10. ah you look so amazing!´ve got great style:)

  11. I love how your hair matches almost all your outfits too. so cool.


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