Just another manic Monday...

This outfit idea came to me just as I was going to sleep last night. Does anyone else ever have that? I was too tired to write it down so I just hoped I'd still remember in the morning!! I adore this dress but it's really, really difficult to style and I have no idea why. I really wanted to go all-out with this and quiff my hair and wear far too much makeup but I wasn't feeling it at 6.30am when I got up this morning!! My one memo for today was "DON'T WEAR RED!" It was such a challenge- I feel like I've worn red almost exclusively the last few weeks.

It was such a gorgeous day here today!! I struggled at first with the lighting until I found the spot where it was just right. I'm really happy with these pictures. When I finished taking them though I thought "ahh, my last outfit post aged 20!" Still can't believe I'm 21 on Wednesday. SO EXCITED :DDD

Today has been kinda boring and stressful. I had a presentation this morning for my Victorian Lit class but I think it went okay, and then I had an interview to do for my next Journalism story. I'm now spending my life in the library trying to get it written before tomorrow. I technically have a couple more days to get it written but I refuse to do work on my birthday so I'll have to get it all done tonight. Luckily, my boyfriend doesn't finish work til 10 so I'm hoping to get everything done before he picks me up. I'm really excited to see him. I've only seen him twice in the last 2 weeks due to Spring Break and him going home for the weekend, but it'll be really nice to catch up with him tonight- even though I'll probably be exhausted!!

dress- new look
leather jacket- H&M
boots- xavi
tights- Top Shop

Well, I'd love to stay at chat but I have to go write a story! Enjoy my huge dump of photos- I'm sorry, I'm indecisive and can never choose my blog pictures, and I'll be back tomorrow- when I'll be even nearer to being 21!! Eeeek!!

Have a great Monday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love this outfit =) perfect with the leather jacket & don't even get me started on the tights!! It's so funny because I just added them to my Wish/Shopping list TODAY!

    seriously. i want them. you look awesome. still loving your hair. that is all (a bit of a rant I suppose haha)


  2. I have a lace dress like that but I'm too scared to wear it to class. I'm jealous, you pull it off so well!
    In other news, you look tiny. A belated congrats on the weight loss!

  3. oh i love this outfit!!!! the leather jacket and lace look so awesome together :)

  4. Love this, the lace dress is perfect with the leather jacket! I actually come up with most of my outfits as I'm falling asleep, I think of looks instead of counting sheep ;)
    ...and apparently, I rhyme too! Haha!
    M xo

  5. I love the leather and lace combination! :) That black lace dress looks awesome.


  6. I adore this dress with the leather jacket, very rocker chic look, which i loooove. You look great here!! I bet you're excited to turn 21, especially being in the states. Hopefully you'll have a great bday:)

  7. LOVE leather and lace! It's always classic :)


  8. I hate leaving one-word comments, but:


  9. Love the leather and lace combo... it will never grow old to me!

  10. it is so much fun to have outfit ideas come up before bed. I have done that too. Usually they are outfits for the day but not for the blog, those i usually plan a week ahead. This jacket is so nice on you! i love the outfit. so lovely!!!! the tights are sweet.


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