Photos, Cookies and How-many-prints-can-you-get-in-one-outfit

Is this an outfit post? Is it a photography post? I don't know, you decide!! It's kinda  a hybrid post I guess!!
As you know, my 50mm F1.8 lens arrived yesterday and it is actually amazing. When my boyfriend got his I was like "yeah, sure, I know it's great but it can't be that amazing." But it is, it seriously is.
It's taking some getting used to though. After using a 18-55mm lens for so long I can't get used to the fact that I can't adjust this lens, so I couldn't manoeuvre myself properly around my living room to get a full body shot today. I was going to out outfit but I figured it would probably take me so long to set up and play around that I'd be freezing. I know for future that I'm better off outside with this lens though.
Anyway, now I want to photograph literally everything. EVERYTHING. I love it!!

The last two days I have baked a LOT of cookies. These photos are a mix of today's batch (M&M) and yesterday's (chocolate chip). The reason for this is that I burnt a good third of the chocolate chip ones yesterday and the school store didn't sell chocolate chips, so I improvised!! They're all for my boyfriend's family tomorrow for when I go down to meet them for the first time- eek!! I've decided what I'm wearing, thankfully, but I've never featured the dress I'm going to wear on here yet so I'll try to get a snap in the morning (although I'm being picked up at 8!!)

polka dot blouse- H&M
haunted house skirt- TopShop
cardigan- Forever 21
shoes- Target

This outfit inadvertently turned into "how many prints can you get in one outfit?". The skirt is printed with Haunted Houses, if you can't tell. I bought it a couple of years ago and really love it- the print is so unusual. I had the idea to try it with my polka dot shirt and liked it, and I figured the striped cardigan would just be really fun!

I'd love to say these were my hands, but no, I am a chronic nail-biter. These are Michelle's :]]

Ooh before I go I have a couple of things to mention. First of all, yesterday I got onto the Hot page on LookBook for the first time!! I am so completely over-the-moon about it. I had 70 Hypes!! I am thanking my boyfriend and his amazing photography for this :]]

Also, thank you to Cait and Sian for mentioning me on their blogs this week :]]]

Well I am off to do homework as I have SO much to do. Erick is picking me up at 8am tomorrow and I won't be back til late and I have a midterm on Monday- eek!! I also have to write two articles tonight that are due tomorrow. Next week is going to be even worse- my parents will be here this time next week and then I'm in New York for a week, so next week I have to do everything for the week of Spring Break too!!

Have a fabulous Saturday- think of me at home doing my homework!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Love the pictures, girl! And all the prints in your outfit are awesome! I rocked some different prints today too. :)

  2. wow, how much was the lens and what camera do you use? just tweet me when you read this, or maybe ill tweet you. aaaaanyway they look really amazing, funny how a lens and some good angles can make even a packet of sugar look beautiful. congrats on the hypes too :) i love that yellow coat, and lastly nice print mixing :) its crazy but really works xo

  3. I love the mixture of prints in your outfit today! :) The dress is really cute. The pictures are really pretty. Looks like you're having fun with it, which is great. :)

    And good luck with meeting the parents & your homework! :D

  4. Love the lookbook outfit :)

  5. the how-many-prints-can-you-get-in-one-outfit outfit is really awesome! i'm either wondering about that every day ;D

    xoxo,c.a ♥

  6. This is absolutely expert print-mixing! I love it!!
    Your new lens takes awesome pictures, you're so lucky! I can't wait to get a "good" camera ;)
    Also, congratulations on getting so much hype on lookbook! You deserve it!
    M xo

  7. This is one of the best examples of mixing patterns! It looks so chic and original!


  8. I love this outfit =) so cute, I LOVE mixing prints!!!
    Your hair is awesome too!

    I am a new follower of your blog, feel free to check mine out!


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