Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't had a proper update in a couple of days. I've been having far too much fun being 21!
It's my birthday night out tonight so I plan on taking lots of pictures and telling you all about my birthday!
Hope you have a great day,

Charlotte xxx


  1. Haha, it's okay - have a happy birthday! :) I hope you have a great night.

  2. Hi Charlotte! It's Emily Poole from Uni! I've been following you for a while through GFC, I love your blog :D I hope you had a fantastic birthday, I'm so jealous of you all the way over in America! Looks like you're having a brilliant time! I've started a Nail Blog and you were definitely a part of deciding i had the confidence to, seeing you on facebook without a care in the world and a successful internet venture! Dissertation is kicking me in the balls, well and truely, so it's nice to have somewhere to escape to :) I hope you are well, my dear, and drinking ENGLISH TEA! XD
    love, Em xxx

  3. Happy 21st birthday! Now you can LEGALLY drink alcohol in the U.S.!! Yay! Just kidding.


  4. Have a lovely birthday dear!! Hope it's an epic one :)

  5. oOoO and Happy Birthday - Can't believe i forgot that bit! what a dickhead!


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