One night you were so drunk that you said you could be with me forever. And I thought I was so cool when I said "My dear, that'd be my pleasure"

Admittedly, this outfit is not that dissimilar from yesterday's, but I told you you'd be seeing a lot of this cardigan! I got this dress back from Laura yesterday as it had been out travelling the world as part of The Lovely Ones Clothes Swap. I was really excited to remix it again as I loved what Laura and Sian came up with. One of the struggles of this dress is that it's so perfect at what it is- 90s grunge. Last time I completely played up to that with a leather waistcoat and military boots...

wow, how short is my hair?!

but today I decided to try to bring out a girlier element to it with my new red shoes and red cardigan. As I think most of the other bloggers found, this dress is indecently short though!! A lot of the girls are shorter than me but at 5'5" I have almost been flashing people all day!!

I was naughty last night. I went to collect my packages from Modcloth which are birthday presents from my parents that I ordered. I was going to wait until my birthday to open them, but I decided just to check everything fitted and was okay. Everything I bought is completely perfect. I won't wear them until my birthday but I can't wait to show you!

What else do I have to tell you? Well I've just found out I got full marks on my journalism take-home midterm, which I'm really happy about because it was really hard and took forever. I got As in every class last semester and I really thought journalism would drag me down this semester, so I'm really happy with my mark. That class is tough. We're running, writing and organizing an entire newsroom for an online publication called LakeVoice. I have stories to write for class every 3 weeks and I have one due on Tuesday which I'm writing on students who have children here at UMD which I'm hoping will be really interesting. The last story I wrote was on Fair Trade, and this week some of my New York pictures are included in The Week in Photos.  I am in charge of moderating comments, replying to emails and adding comment discussion ideas to the end of posts. It's really fun and exciting! You should definitely go check out our site :]]

dress- dixi (formerly Baby Says Boutique)
cardigan- debenhams
shoes- H&M
necklace- forever 21

Well I wish I had more interesting things to tell you but my life is pretty boring right now! I've spent most of the week doing homework and I'm probably going to be doing the same this weekend and hanging out with my girlfriends. My boyf is away this weekend so I'm gonna have a girly time :]]  Homework is stressing me out but I've had a productive week so I'm just going to keep drinking endless cups of tea and try to stay on top of it!

Have a lovely weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. The color of your cardigan looks so lovely on you! :)

  2. i dont think the dress is too short, the tights make it modest. you look lovely again xo

  3. goodness I love your necklace SO much here. It is quite beautiful. I think I'll stare at it all day, okay? okay well maybe not. anyway this print on the dress is amazing too. I love the 6th shot down. I love that you wrote about fair trade. I'm big about fair trade.

  4. You're owl necklace is so cute! I agree with Emma, the tights keeps the outfit cute and modest! I did like how the dress and the leather vest looked together, but punching it up with color definitely adds the touch of spring.

  5. That dress goes SO perfectly with the sweater! Super cute :)

  6. I love the color of the cardigan! :D The dress is really cute, but I agree - it does seem a bit short. Thank god for tights, haha. :)


  7. In love with that dress!!!


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