Crazy about Coral

So sorry it's been so long since my last outfit post. I planned on posting yesterday but I've been kinda sick since I got back from New York and I was feeling far too gross to get all dressed up and take pictures of myself. Speaking of which, I have developed a new wardrobe crisis. I have no problem remixing new outfits for days when I want to update my blog and come up with something new, but on the days when I'm just dressing for a normal day I am completely stuck! I ended up going through all my outfits on LookBook yesterday and noting down a list of go-to outfits!

Well here is the first of my new wardrobe additions. I was desperate for a hip-length red cardigan and as I've probably told you before, shopping here in Duluth isn't too great, so my Mum got me this gorgeous Red Herring cardigan from home and brought it over last week. I absolutely love the colour and the style and will probably be wearing it with everything over the next few months! I've remixed this playsuit quite a few times now and I'm looking forward to having some more fun with it. It was actually the item shown in my Delightful Dozen feature. The other new thing I wanted to show you was my new lipstick! We spent our last day in New York just killing time, so I took a trip to both MAC and Sephora to get some new makeup. I have some gorgeous coral eyeshadows to show you, but this is my new coral lipstick. I absolutely adore it. Coral is my new absolute favourite colour- not too pink, not too orange, not too red. It's a perfect lip colour because it's just a little more subtle than red.

playsuit- primark
cardigan- debenhams
shoes- target
necklace- forever 21

I am  very jealous of what I heard is gorgeous weather jack home. It's getting nice here in Duluth, and although we were told to expect one of the worst blizzards in decades on Tuesday, it's been pretty snow-free. In fact, it was very strange when I got back home from New York and so much of the snow had melted! I really want to weather to get nice soon because I'm getting horribly aware of how little time I have left here and I am trying to make the most of every single minute.

I was really happy this morning when I woke up because it was the first day I haven't felt ill! I managed to go to the gym this morning which made me feel a ton better, and I felt much more in the mood to dress up and take pictures. I took these a lot earlier than I normally do and the sun was pretty low in the sky so they're not my favourites. The lighting was really hard to work with!

Oh and two last final things. One is, as you might remember, I planned on losing 10 pounds by my birthday. Well, despite getting fed up at 8 and decided that the last 2 pounds really didn't matter and letting myself go a bit in New York, I have finally lost all 10. Yay :]]
Secondly, I am trying to get 200 followers by my birthday next Wednesday so if you have any friends who might be interested in following me, please let them know. </shamelessselfpromotion>
Well, I'd better get back to my second home- the library! Have a great day!

Charlotte xxx


  1. You look absolutely amazing in these photos Charlotte!! You can definitely tell that you've lost those 2 pounds and you just look stunning!! That coral really suits you =) And the owl necklace is verrrry cute =D

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the playsuit with the cardigan on top, I can't wait till I can wear my playsuit. This is a great outfit!!
    Ohh congrats on loosing those 10 lbs! Sometime's a couple lbs makes a difference.

  3. i love the cardigan, its such a gorgeous color on you!

  4. That's awesome that you lost ten pounds!! Congratulations! :) You look lovely!

  5. well done for losing 10 pounds! Love your playsuit. I need a playsuit v soon...

  6. You look fantastic! I love your red cardigan. I have one, but it's so Christmas-granny-like that I have no idea how to style it :o


  7. This is lovely! That cardigan is gorgeous, it's great that your mum was able to pick it out for you! It looks great over the playsuit :D
    That's too bad that you were sick, but I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!
    M xo

  8. Love the owl necklace. You look lovely! xoxo

  9. love this outfit sweets, the playsuit is so cute especially layered

  10. Wow, love the outfit especially the cardigan and playsuit!!! :)

    The Cat Hag

  11. This is such a cute looks, I love it!x

  12. Happy early birthday, I am now a follower :) Love your outfit posts. It makes me want to go home and put something new together.

  13. i love the colour of your cardigan!!! it looks so adorable with your romper :)

  14. i love this outfit! the bright coloured cardigan is gorgeous! x

  15. hey charlotte. great way to start off the addition. i love this look. you look absolutely amazing and i can't wait to see more. the necklace is beyond. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

    please stop by and check out my picks for fash fave and fash fail of the week.

  16. love your playsuit!


  17. aw, i've just discovered your blog and I love your style! I definetly can't wait to buy a summer playsuit! British weather has gone back coldish now though :(
    Is your birthday 30th march? (which is next wednesday but i thought i'd check haaha) because it's my birthday then too! :D I'm so excited.
    New follower :) xx


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