What would you like to know? Ask me a question!!

Thanks to Amber for this adorable Me-Doll

I posted an Ask Me A Question!! post back in October with very few responses, but I've gained one heck of a lot of new followers in the past 5 months so I thought I'd give it another go!
I haven't decided if I want to do a video blog or not, though that might be kinda fun (and I bet you'll all go crazy for my cute British accent, right?) but I'd definitely really like to hear what you guys want to know, from what my natural hair colour is, to what I do when I'm not blogging, to my favourite flavour of ice cream- anything!!
Leave me as many questions as you like in the comments and I'll try to post an FAQ post in the next couple of days :]]]


  1. Do a video!! I'll do one at some point if you do haha =) Ok, a question...hmmmm... which item of the clothes you own is your favourite at the moment, and of all time?
    I want one not to do with fashion too, so where would you like to visit most in the world? (not NYC coz you're going there soon haha!)

  2. That's an adorable doll! She does look like you, haha. :D

    Anywho... questions...

    -What do you like to do in your spare time?
    -Picture yourself in 10 years, where/what are you?
    -If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
    -What would be your ideal day?
    -If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
    -Has your sense of style remained consistent throughout your life?
    -How would you describe your style?

    ...you don't have to answer all of them - I just love asking questions, haha. I have a bunch of 'interesting questions' saved up. :x


  3. I would like to know how to get the "London style" look as I love fashionistas such as Alexa Chung. Any pointers as to what incorporates a very London look?

    I found your blog via CollegeFashion and I love looking at your outfits. I'm following you now :)


  4. that doll is so you hehe how cute,
    ahhh i cant think of anything. hmm..

  5. The doll! Yes! And of course we'd all go gaga for your accent.

    *If you were to live one day in a music video, which song would you choose?
    *What are your style must-haves?
    *What is your favorite thing about the States? About England?
    *What was the happiest moment of your life (or one of them)?
    *What is your favorite literary work?
    *WHY do we all adore you so much?
    *Your favorite blog post of yours?

  6. Do you find university students more stylish in the UK or in the US? :)

  7. no questions from me, but you have awesome style so i hope to see more outfit photos from you :)


  8. Do you have a favorite designer? Who? What's your favorite song? Color? Animal? ^^ I'm a very inquisitive person, if you haven't noticed >.<


  9. what do you like/dislike about your school?

  10. AHhh it's a Pullip doll! I used to have a bunch of them. Love them.

    question: What is your favorite childhood memory?


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