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SO much to talk about in this post!! As you may know if you're a reader of my blog, I am off to New York on Monday! I've wanted to go my whole life and it all feels so unbelievable that I haven't really thought at it yet! As we speak my parents are on their way to the States. They should be landing in NY in a couple of hours and arrive here in Duluth at 11.15pm tonight. I'm so excited. I haven't seen them for almost two months and this is the first time they've come to visit me here in America. I can't wait for them to see where I live and meet my friends and my boyfriend. At the moment I'm just too excited about that to think about New York!! I'm going to try to post while I'm away if I get time, otherwise you'll have a week without me and a HUGE NY post next week!!

Okay, what else do I have to tell you? Well, my Modcloth order has shipped!! It won't be here until I get back from Spring Break and they're Birthday present from my parents anyway so I might wait until my birthday to open them (I ordered the Just Because I Love You Dress and the Flowers of Romance Dress). I am also getting seriously attached to the Simply Stylish dress (which I wore here and here), which was sent to me via The Lovely Ones courtesy of Modcloth. I want my own version of it so much- I really don't want to send it on!

Ooh I also loved this week's Friend Friday questions so I'll answer them within this post too, whether that is orthodox or not!

1. When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does blogging fall?
I am the kind of person who gives 100% to everything in my life, and my blog is no exception. It is a big part of my life. Especially as I am hoping to one day be a magazine journalist I think it's great experience to write as much as possible. There was a time when my blog was dangerously high in my list of priorities, but now I do put myself and my me-time first. I think it's definitely pretty high after school work, my friends and family and my boyfriend. I try to update as much as possible, but I try not to let it take over my life. It's definitely more than just a hobby though.

2. We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you do have to be as productive as possible?
These days I have a sort of schedule in my head. I always try to do outfit posts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Because my blog is quite outfit-driven, I don't really write posts in advance. But sometimes ideas about what to write about come to me in strange places so I always write them down for later. I always put aside about an hour and a half on blogging days to take pictures, edit them and write my post. I'm kinda an obsessively organised person so I just work it into my day.

3. Have you discovered any short-cuts that makes blogging easier or more time efficient?
I think just knowing when I'm going to post and I always, ALWAYS write down potential outfit ideas. I sometimes spend an evening putting outfits together.

4. Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that helps you plan ahead?

Not really, no. I can be really bad with this when I have ideas for posts that aren't outfit posts, I tend to lose track of them. I have so many drafts! It's something I should definitely consider to keep me more organized. But like I said, I always do outfit posts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and I have set times of those days that I know I can blog so I try to stick to those days.
5. If time wasn’t an issue what you would be doing on your blog/for your blog that you aren’t doing now?

I think I would take more outfit pictures in new and more fun places and I would write more actual content instead of just outfit posts. I do a lot of writing for other publications (I write for 8 different publications, which adds up to 3-4 a week if not more), so quite a lot of my more creative work is demonstrated in other places. I'd like to have more of a place for that in my blog. And more time to reply to emails and comments! I do appreciate them so much, I just have to put time aside for a huge reply-session!

You can read the answers of other bloggers over at ModlyChic!

shorts- charlotte russe
jumper- H&M
boots- next
scarf- primark

This outfit is not exactly life-changing but hey, I really like it. It came together completely by accident too. Like I've said above, I tend to post outfits only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On Thursdays and Tuesdays I tend to get back from my boyfriend's house and the idea of finding something to wear always feels like far too much effort. I'm getting really bad for this- if I don't intend to photograph my outfit I don't want to "waste" it, so I never know what to wear! Anyway, I pulled out these shorts and found they completely fell off me (weight loss success!! yes!!) so I thought, hmmm belt holes. That could work. I added the jumper and just thought, I really, really like this. Yes, it's really simple, but I think it's perfect for not-quite-Spring-yet. So today I decided to be gross and wear the same thing two days in a row. Don't judge me!! I added the red lipstick at the last minute and I'm really glad I did. Sometimes I love a head-to-toe monochrome outfit (grey is a personal fave), but I think the lips really brighten it up!! Plus I haven't worn lipstick for a while- boy doesn't like it all over his face :P
This is the kind of outfit that makes me realise that I'm really going to miss winter. Okay, not Duluth winters. But winter style. I think Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. I like temperate climes and temperate style.

Well, I might get chance for an update before and/or during New York, but if not have a great week and I'll be back soon!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Oh thats fantastic! I love NYC and its magical each time I get to go (living in Connecticut means its an easy trip to make).

    Oh and this is a very lovely outfit by the way :')

  2. I love the Charlotte Russe Shorts!

    Where are they available

  3. NY is great :) But just remember one thing; NYC does NOT represent the whole NY state. There's farms and suburban areas too! Yeah, I just had to say it, since I don't live in the city :p Yeah, that's what everyone in NY calls it, just "the City" >.<

  4. have fun in NY. It's my favorite place. I was born there/ lived there most of my life. So much fabulous food and sites. I definitely recommend chinatown, little italy, the soho/tribeca boutiques, the 5th Ave fashion district, Union Square, and MOMA, as well as AMNH (Americam museum of natural history), if that's your kind of thing. Try getting student rate tix for Broadway. And if you can- make the trip to Brooklyn- it's well worth it, just to see the culture/ places there.

  5. I LOVE those tights - Where are they from?

    Feel free to enter my giveaway here btw:

  6. You're going to love New York City! I was there recently and it was amazing.
    Love the outfit, sometimes the thrown-together ones are the best! The red lipstick was definitely the perfect touch. Haha my boyfriend hates lipstick too! Oh well ;)
    M xo

  7. time can be such a hindrance on blogging, ugh! good tips though,
    love the greys in your outfit its really soft :) xo

  8. Have a great time in NY! Love the outfit especially the shorts!

  9. I am sososo jealous you're going to NY, I was supposed to last summer, but had surgery instead. Boo.
    I realllly love these shorts, they're gorgeous, I love the tones in this outfit. It looks so great on you! Theres so much texture and visual interest in your looks, which I love
    Thank you so much for your coment on my post, I'm so flattered that you put my outfit in inspiration! :D

  10. I usually try to stray away from monochromatic outfits but this is done so well! Love love! Have fun in New York!

  11. I love your outfit today! I really like the shorts and tights (Congrats on your weight loss success!). :)

    I love the red lipstick as well. I find myself only putting on bold lipstick when I'm too lazy to put on makeup for the rest of my face, haha.

    Ooh, and have fun in New York City! I used to live there for 10 years, and I still miss it at times. There's just so much to do there! :D


  12. I really like this outfit, the shorts are brilliant! I hope you have a great time in New York - I'm going for the first time in April and I'm equally excited!

  13. I LOVE the striped tights, especially with the shorts! Also love the Flowers of Romance dress that you ordered.. super cute.
    Hope you have a great time in NY and with your parents :)
    Sarah xxx

  14. Your outfit is so cute & I love the fact that you don't wear high heels but flat boots - that's awesome as I seldom see someone wearing flats on the blogs I visit. While I like high heels, I think they're really uncomfortable in everyday life, so I don't wear them too often.
    Wishing you a great time in NY :-)

    Would you mind checking out my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  15. You look amazing in this outfit ! so beautiful ;)

    xx, Leah.

  16. Cute outfit, I love the lipstick!!

  17. NY state especially is gorgeous and so much fun to go to. I don't like NYC (and I live a little too close to it). I love your shorts.

  18. All of the different shades of gray in this look go so well together, it's just lovely. Your lip colour is beautiful, too; so bold but somehow subtle at the same time :) Hope you're having a fabulous time in NYC... I haven't been for years and I'm just dying to go back. Take a million pictures to share with us, please :)

  19. Oh my gosh! You're in NYC right would be awesome if we somehow run into each other :)))

    I love your shorts! A lot of gray--just like my wardrobe.


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  21. you look gorgeous! nice stocking anyway. I followed you :)

  22. I would SO wear this outfit. I loveeeee your tights! I got some tights on sale from target this weekend and you make me want to wear them so badly! I had to look at your modcloth choices- I love the flowers of romance one! I've been LUSTING over it for months! If you ever want to do a temporary swap and style it together, I'd be overjoyed.:)

  23. love your shorts & have fun in NY.. it's truly my most favorite place in the whole world. x

  24. I love your hair, girl!! and yeah, NYC sounds fantastic :)

  25. New reader here :)
    Going to NYC is one big dream for me as well, I guess for most others here too so go end enjoy it for us :))
    btw I *love* that outfit!!

  26. Your hairstyle is so unique, loving the outfit!!


  27. Your hair is fantastic ! I love it ! :)

  28. i love this all grey outfit!! and i hope you are having a wonderful time in New York!!!

  29. exciting :) best of luck to you!

  30. i'm in love with your hair!!
    great outfit!

  31. Cute tights! I love the shorts too.. I've been looking for something like that... but a bit more high-wasted... you wear it well tho!!

  32. BTW I'm jealous... I so wanna go to NYC too.... enjoy your trip!!!

  33. those shorts are so perfect. I'm going to miss winter too :( I love getting all cozy and bundled up. Oh well. I guess spring is ok too...

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