I die trying just to keep myself from kissing you.

After weeks and weeks of moaning, I finally convinced my boyfriend to take my outfit pictures!! We were about to go to sleep last night when I said, "hey, how about tomorrow I go back to my apartment, get ready and we drive somewhere for you to take my outfit photos?" He bought a portrait lens a few weeks ago and I've been desperate for him to practice using it by taking my outfit pictures!! I think they turned out pretty well, considering how cold I was when I finally took off my coat!!

Speaking of lenses, I almost bought one today. We went to the camera store but they were out of the Canon 50mm F1.8 that I wanted. I've been looking on ebay and have found a few for a decent price, but I think I might go Amazon on this one. I know I should wait until I get my birthday money in a couple of weeks but I'm SO impatient!!

Today has been such a perfect day. Erick has been working every night this week so I hadn't really seen him since Monday, so be picked me up last night and we talked all night like when we first got together and had a lazy morning this morning before going to take these and then doing a quick grocery shop. Tonight we went to go see a friend's band play, which was really fun. I love to actually do stuff when we spend time together- although there are times we just end up exhaustedly watching Parks and Recreation or Dexter after a long day.

I am really lucky that this dress was actually sent to us courtesy of Modcloth for The Lovely Ones. I'm really proud that we had someone actually send us something to style!! The debate over what to choose was pretty heated but we decided this would fit everyone and its simplicity would make it really interesting to remix. It was actually really hard to style because it was such a blank canvas. This was actually my second attempt at styling it today, and I think I'll give it another go or two before passing it on. You can see how Ashley of Two Eyes in the Mirror styled it here. Also, if you're interesting in joining The Lovely Ones, please feel free to drop me an email at girlnextdoorfashion@googlemail.com :]]

dress- c/o Modcloth via The Lovely Ones
cardigan- Forever 21
boots- Next
coat- Miss Selfridge
scarf- New Look

I'm not sure how well you can tell, but the background of these pictures is actually a frozen-over Lake Superior. Erick went down to take some close-up pictures of the Lake and he couldn't tell where the beach ended and the lake began. It was absolutely beautiful though. I felt as though we were the last two people on Earth. It was just endless white. I can honestly see how people who have lived in Duluth say they can't imagine not living near water. Whenever I go to the library, I always sit on the fourth floor so I can look out of the window onto the lake. I'd love to have a house that overlooks it. What a beautiful view to have every morning.

Sorry for such an epically photo-heavy post, I just really loved these pictures. I hope we get a chance to shoot pictures together again soon- it's so nice to first of all have someone else take them for me, and second of all, have the opportunity to go somewhere different than just the trees outside my apartment. I told Erick I probably look extra happy on these pictures because he was taking them :]]

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and have a lovely Sunday :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I'd have to say that photo of you looking down and smiling (3rd to last) is stunning!!

  2. Beautiful photos! :) I loveee the background. The first picture is my favorite. You look lovely!

  3. Charlotte these pictures turned out fantastic! Love to see you styling up the dress :)

  4. I can see why you included so many pictures- they came out splendidly! Tell your boyfriend your readers want him to take more!

  5. Gorgeous photos! :D I also love the way you wore the striped cardigan with the dress & purple tights. :D

    I agree with Sarah, tell your boyfriend that we want to see more! :D

  6. These pictures are beautiful Charlotte! You look amazing, and the location is stunning too =) I definitely want to get a good camera now, I'm hoping for one for my birthday =D You'll have to tell Erick to take more of your outfit pictures because these turned out so well! And I love how you styled the dress, that coat is fabulous!
    Sian xx

  7. Great pictures! Love those tights with the boots

  8. Great outfit, the coat looks really cosy!

  9. for someone who was reluctant to take photos, he did a great job! and dying over your leopard coat!!!! i want it!!!!

  10. The outfit without the coat is great but when you put on that coat over top the awesome factor goes up x 10!!! I LOVE the mix of animal prints and stripes!

    Having someone you're completely comfortable with take your photos makes all the difference doesn't it? Love the frozen lake as a backdrop!

  11. Hi doll! Yes I did know!! I stumbled across you with your first post on College Fashion. I'm your friend on Facebook too :) I also went to Duluth my first year then over to Brum but then I transferred down to the cities. Hope Duluth is treating you well!

  12. lovely photos my dear!! the outfit of the grey purple and stripes is lovely together :) xo

  13. I am loving that burst of color you added with the purple tights, adorable! :)
    xo Lynzy

  14. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how you styled the dress! Stripes and coloured tights will sell me on anything, haha ;)
    That's so nice that you and your boyfriend acted like when you first got together! I remember those talking-all-night kinds of times, so nice :)

  15. cute outfit! just found your blog. i LOVE your hair!
    <3 mode.

  16. such a versatile dress i can see you wearing it lots of different ways :) love the photos too

  17. That's so cool about the sponsored dress! You look darling and I love all of your layers!

  18. I love brightly coloured tights on everyone but myself, and purple is my favourite colour, so this look pretty much had me at hello... and then I saw your Miss Selfridge coat. It is utter perfection. Just beautiful, and such a pretty location, too!

  19. you look so cool and quirky! I love the leopard and stripes, and those purple tights are awesome! :)

  20. omg i love love LOVE this look! it's like a sexy version of the hamburglar!!! (in a good way :]]]])

    LOVE. IT.



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