Jeans Challenge: Day Three

This is Day Two of my Jeans-Only week. Unlike most people, I find jeans really difficult to wear and style, so this really is a challenge for me!! You can see yesterday's look here and Monday's look here

Yesterday, I talked about not feeling "myself" in the jeans challenge so far, so today I decided to resolve that. For me, to feel "myself", I need one of two potentially conflicting elements-femininity or edginess. I could have gone in the feminine direction today, with a cutesy blouse and cardigan, or the edgy way, with an oversized tshirt and military boots. I went in the latter direction, and now I feel myself again.
In regard to my edgy side, it comes from my teenage emo phase- lots of black, too much eye-makeup and one hell of a lot of My Chemical Romance (who I still love, just FYI). I bought this tshirt when I was 17. For those of you who know me even a little bit, you'll know my favourite film is Fight Club. When I saw this tshirt in Hot Topic on a trip to Florida in 2007 I had to have it, even though it is about 5 sizes too big for me. I've always found the fact it's far too big hard to work with, but I really liked the look of it with skin-tight jeans and a blazer.

When I'm dressed like this my hair should be in a quiff. Does anyone else have that? Specific hairstyles depending in what they're wearing? I have early starts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and sometimes I have to decide what I'm wearing before I can do my hair- edgy means I can quiff it up, girly and cute means I need to reach for the dry shampoo. It was in a quiff this morning but when I came back from the gym and washed my hair it felt like a waste to put up my newly-washed fringe.

I have definitely felt more "me" today. I'm really happy I've finally found a way to wear this tshirt. I definitely want to try it again with short-shorts, tights and these military boots. I know I always say I can't pull off anything over-sized but I love the way this is just a bit too big- like stealing a boy's clothes. Fight Club has been my favourite film since I was about 16. I read the book first and absolutely loved it (although it wasn't as good as Invisible Monsters, my favourite book). I've seen the film more times than I can count.

tshirt- hot topic
jeans- topshop
boots- xavi
blazer- charlotte russe

Clothes are such a form of self-expression. When I was a teenager I would always wear tshirts demonstrating my favourite bands and I loved that just by looking at me people knew a little bit about me. This is the same thing. People are sometimes quite surprised by my taste in books and films, so it's fun to show it in my clothes. In fact, I ran into one of my teachers today who said that "word on the street" was that I was really into Bret Easton Ellis, which I found really funny!! Maybe I'm famous in the English department!!

I'm really, really happy today. I've been a bit stressed out the last few days, but I had a lovely day today. I always see my friend Michelle on Wednesdays and I can literally talk to her about anything- she always makes me feel better when I'm stressed out. I then ran into lots of people I knew and had a few little chats with people which always makes me happy. My boyfriend is back today too and after not having seen him since Friday I'm really excited to just have a proper chat with him!! As I've said before, I'm an only child and sometimes I get into reclusive-mode a bit and try to be all independent and content with being alone. But I love people around people and I forget how much better you can feel after a good ol' chinwag!! It's one of my friends' birthday's tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a nice night out for dinner with all my friends together :]]

I'm guessing most of you weren't mad on yesterday's outfit, judging by the few comments. That's fine, neither was I. What about today's though? You like?
Thank you for all your advice, tips and support. You are all wonderful!! This challenge is definitely difficult but I have a few outfits planned for the next few days so I should make it through the week!!
Have a lovely day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I like edgy Charlotte :). It's always nice to have fun with your clothes!

    Lindsey Soup

  2. I'm loving the jeans challenge for you! I need the anti-jeans challenge haha but maybe that's just because I'm from Texas! I like this look- casual but you have the blazer to make it a little more dressed up. Very nice! I love the black and the pearls! That's hilarious that your teacher knows what musicians you're into. I'm lucky if mine know my name since I go to a huge university. Can't wait to see what you have for the rest of the week! :)

  3. I really like this edgy look - the blazer, boots, and accessories really go well together. :)

    Keep it up - I look forward to the rest of your outfits! :)

  4. You look gorgeous in jeans; the only time I ever wear them is when my legs are too cold, and then it's skinnies under dresses (I don't own any tops) c: x

  5. I love that eiffel tower necklace!

    Have a look at my blog-

  6. I've always thought that if you were a jean person, you would always pull of the rocker look. Just. Like. This!

    I especially love the quirky mix of necklaces. :)


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