It's been a bad day, please don't take a picture...

Charlotte's Guide to Not Having a Bad Day
Bad days happen to the best of us. Sometimes they are triggered by something completely beyond our control, sometimes other people, or sometimes you just seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
Today was one of those days today. I'd had a lovely day yesterday and had seen two of my groups of friends and my boyfriend and just had a "to hell with homework" day. But this morning I woke up and felt horrible. I skyped my parents and was moody and horrible to them (sorry Mum and Dad!!) and just felt horribly lonely, restless and bored.
I am a person who needs plans and organisation with zero tolerance for boredom. Today I had no plans except to do homework and it made me antsy. My boyfriend has gone home to see his family for the weekend and most of my friends are heading out tonight and I am still, for the next 7 weeks, too young to drink. I knew I had homework to do and that I probably wouldn't do much tomorrow because I'd probably just hang out with my friends and watch the Superbowl, but I couldn't bring myself to feel motivated.
And then I decided no, I will  not be in a bad mood.
First stop, chocolate. Then I tidied my room, cleaned the dishes and made breakfast. I instantly felt better. Sometimes life is too full of clutter. Then I did my hair and got dressed and threw on a splash of lipstick. Lipstick always makes me feel better. Then I texted another friend about going to a movie tonight and went to take some photos. I now feel 100% better and ready to face the rest of the day. And I have a cup of tea.
What do you to when you feel moody?

It's quite funny really. I wrote the opening to this post this morning and it's only now that I've had time to fully update, and you know what? I've actually had an okay day!! I hit the library not long after this for a bit of a change of scenery (I get bored being in the same place for too long) and managed to get two articles written, 40 pages of my book read and wrote a homework submission for one of my classes. I think it definitely helped that I text a friend to go see a movie with me tonight- no more sitting alone watching Dexter!!

This outfit isn't really my usual style but I really had fun with it today. I forgot how lovely this floral top was, but alas, it is now no longer wearable with leggings, so I wore this grey skirt (which I wore earlier in the week) again. Someone commented a few days ago that it was nice to see me wearing a skirt without something tucked into it, and this is definitely the case today. Belts and high-waisted things are kind my crutch. I worry I look shapeless without highlighting my waist!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post!! I was a little nervous about wearing jeans- I still don't really like the way I look in them, but you guys apparently do, so thank you!! One of my friends suggested I do a challenge where I only wear jeans for a week. It's funny because for most people that wouldn't be a challenge at all, but for me it really is. It's kind of an anti-challenge really!! I do own 3 pairs of jeans that I have here (one black, one grey, one dark-wash denim), so it could definitely be a possibility. What do you guys think? A week of jeans starting on Monday?

I'd really like to think Voni of Colourless Colour for her suggestion which inspired this post. Her idea was to wear frilly socks with skinny jeans so I decided to take that and try it with leggings!! Admittedly, there were a few moments where my leggings rode up and my socks rolled down which made for chilly ankles, but it really made leggings more fun to wear!!

floral top- miss selfridge
skirt- H&M
shoes- target
cardigan- H&M
scarf- primark

Well I'd better get back to my homework. I want to get as much as possible done today and tomorrow morning because tomorrow I am having my first Superbowl experience!! I know a few people who support the Packers and while I don't particularly like American Football, I do like an excuse to hang out with my friends and drink so that will do me just fine!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day and if not- see the start of this post!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Love the fact that your day turned round :) Your floral top is lovely. A week of jeans would be a great challenge ;) its fab to go in new directions.

  2. Omg so glad you tried out my suggestion! I wore an outfit so similar the other day - little white/cream socks with leggings and a big chunky knit cardi! It is kind of weird getting chilly ankles - i wore tights under my leggings so that helped, god such a wuss, its not even snowy here!
    You look really cute, you're right, it isn't your normal look (not high waisted-tucked in) but it looks really good, its nice to mix it up a bit!
    YES do the jeans challenge, maybe you'll learn to love them after a whole week of outfit ideas, and can start incorporating them into your normal repertoire!

  3. Charlotte I have to say, I adore your outfit! Glad your day went okay :)

  4. i love these soft colour combinations, its really pretty! especially lusting after that scarf

  5. LOVE THIS. omg. Seriously, Charlotte, you always say that you look chunky in chunky knits... this is clear proof that you don't!

  6. This outfit is absolutely fab! The colours match perfectly and the floral top somehow brightens the whole outfit up!

    xx, Meg

  7. This post is STUNNING

  8. So incredible adoreable!!! I like this outfit!!!

  9. This is definitely very cute, an d i love your lipstick!!

  10. this is one of my favourite of your outfits!


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