Jeans Challenge: Day One

Back in my old spot for today's pictures, and I'm not a huge fan. I couldn't use the living room and it was freeeezing outside so this was my only option!!

Yesterday I wrote about my new style challenge: a week of wearing jeans. Unlike a lot of people, I almost never wear jeans. If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I'm a real dresses and skirts girl, occasionally extending to shorts or leggings. So when I wore jeans for an outfit post last week, it was suggested that I only wore jeans for a week. This is a real challenge for me. Even today, day one, I found it strange to get used to wearing and styling jeans. I don't have a huge collection of tops and shirts- I usually rely on skirts and dresses to bulk out my wardrobe. It was strange to actually wear jeans too. Today was a bitterly, bitterly cold day in Duluth and I really felt it even through the denim. Plus I felt really, really casual. I always describe myself as perpetually over-dressed but today I felt, well, regularly dressed. Finally, I really, really love these jeans because they fit really well without the looseness of jeans that have been washed too many times, but they are also super-tight, the way skinny jeans should be.

This outfit came to me before I went to bed last night, but it didn't quite turn out as I expected. This scarf is awkward. I wore it wrapped around my neck for most of the day but it's so thick and chunky that it doesn't really go around right. I tried it loose for these pictures but I hate wearing a scarf and being able to see my skin underneath!! This top is massively too big, which doesn't help either. I do adore this scarf though, I just need to find a way to wear it. Does anyone have any great scarf-tying techniques?!

I've worn the combination of this top and cardigan a couple of times together, I really like mixing up mustard yellow and bright blue. Especially as this is one of the few tops I have that isn't just a simple tank top. I was going to wear my black jeans today, but I thought I'd be brave and wear my blue denim ones. I was asked today why I only wear skinny jeans, well, seeing as I don't really wear jeans I don't really feel the need to own a variety of styles I find skinny jeans most versatile and aside from a cropped jeans, they're really the only style I like.

jeans- new look
blue top- topshop
scarf- forever 21
cardigan- H&M
boots- barratts

Not much to report today really. I went to my friends' house yesterday to watch the Superbowl, which was a lot of fun. Then today I have just been to class and done homework and the usual boring things. I have a midterm on Friday!! How is that mid-term?! I'm sulky because I normally see my boyfriend on Monday nights but he's still away until Wednesday!! Think it's going to be a night in with my books and a mug of hot chocolate!!

What do you think of Day One of the jeans challenge? Any advice for the rest of the week? See you tomorrow for more denim fun :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. You look wonderful in jeans! And I looove the scarf- it looks great! It's always hard to style chunky scarves (at least in my opinion). I usually just embrace the chunkiness and cuddle up in them hah. But I love the way you wore it. :)

  2. i adore the colors in this outfit!! i think the mustard and blues are just oh so amazing together. that scarf is like sent from god. you look cute!

  3. You look fabulous! I love this outfit, especially the scarf. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week will bring!

  4. i am def. not a huge jean wearer! blah.
    dresses feel more natural!
    good luck on your challenge!
    the amazing. love all the colors.

  5. I agree you do look a tad bit casual but you still look great! I love the contrast of the scarf and the cardigan. Can't wait to see the rest of the jeans challenge outfits! Maybe I should do a dress and skirt challenge... hm?!?

  6. I really like your outfit-It's kind of my perfect rainy day outfit! The yellow is so sunny, and I love the print on the scarf! I have a couple of big scarves and I usually either wear them hanging open or I fold it in half and then pull the loose ends through the folded end-does that make sense?

    BTW, I love your pink lips! What do you use?

    Lindsey Soup

  7. Oooh, what a cute, cheery looking outfit! :) I like the combination of the mustard yellow and bright blue. Though I'm not a personal fan of patterned scarfs - I feel that this outfit worked great with the patterns. :)

  8. love that scarf! check out
    for a couple of tips on how to tie a scarf. came across it a couple of weeks ago!

  9. haha thanks, I'm such a newbie to this whole blogging thing, i don't even know what I'm doing and have like no time! So not sure I could keep it up! I prefer just to tweet :P

  10. It's kind of funny that you have a jeans wearing challenge because I used to wear jeans a lot so I had to force myself to wear skirts and dresses more :)

  11. I used to be a jeans gal, but I've started wearing more dresses, and now, my jeans don't get as much wear so I totally know where you are coming from! From the looks of these pics, I don't think people can tell that you're not a regular jeans wearer. :)

  12. You look amazing and you are on a great start to this challenge. Me on the other hand? I dont think I could do it. Jeans and I are not friends...I just havent found the 'perfect' pair yet! Excited to see more jean looks from you. Have a great week love!! your scarf! So cute.

  13. jeans everyday for a week D: i could never do that!
    You do look cute though, i love the scarf - it looks good how you're wearing it in the last photo :) x

  14. Thanks so much for the mention! It was my very first :D
    I think picture 7 is my favourite for showing the outfit. I love how you styled mustard and blue together and the scarf looks so warm!
    I'm half jeans and tshirt girl and half skirts and dresses girl so I'm looking forward to seeing how you style up jeans :)
    Lettie xxxx


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