Peter Pan

These photos were a complete nightmare. I planned on taking them inside, but I ended up getting behind time and I don't like taking pictures when people are home so I decided to head outside. As I set up, I realized I'd left my remote in my apartment. After a few attempts with just the self timer, I came out with several blurry pictures and after a few almost-falls on the ice, I retrieve my remote and tried to avoid death.

I had a fairly unsuccessful trip to Forever 21 over the weekend. Despite bringing about 15 items to the changing room in total, this shirt was the only thing I came back with. I was determined to buy something with a Peter Pan collar this weekend- I am completely obsessed!! I was worried I'd have nothing to wear it with, but this morning I came up with quite a few combinations I'm excited to try. I really liked the look of it with this skirt, although this skirt is ridiculously short. I think it was made to be worn on the hips but it looks much better on the waist, but I need a belt to keep it up!!

I was reading Maggey's blog yesterday and what she said really struck a chord with me. She took a break from blogging last week and had a couple of other bloggers fill in for her, and she talked about her resolution to not blog when she didn't want to to avoid burning out.
Before Christmas, I was obsessed with my blog stats. I would work out when to post for maximum views, find time to squeeze in outfit shots during finals week and agonize over how the present day's views compared to yesterday's. When I went to London for the weekend, I worried about how my stats would go down without me posting. I even posted on Christmas Day.
Since getting back to the States, I have started to be more relaxed. I love my blog and I have a lot of fun, but it's not my whole life. I am not going to put blogging before my real life and the important people in it. If you've been reading lately, you'll know that I'm in a really great place in my life right now and I think this is definitely related to how I feel about my blog.
Don't get me wrong, I still try to update every day and give you something interesting to read and I will continue with that. But, like Maggey, I can appreciate that if there comes a time I feel that it's a chore for me, I'll take a break for a little while. But for the record, so far, so good :]]

I had a bit of a cardigan crisis too today, which almost lead to me taking pictures inside. This blouse has such lovely sleeve details that I struggled to find something that didn't cut them off. I couldn't even imagine in my head the perfect cardigan for this outfit. I tried about 5 before I settled on the simple black cardigan, which I think worked pretty well. This is one thing I do hate about living in a cold climate, both here and at home, you have to be so creative with your layering!! I did manage to take a few non-cardigan shots in a moment of bravery so you can see how the sleeves poof out.

blouse- forever 21
skirt- topshop
shoes- next
cardigan- new look

Wish I had more interesting things to report but today is a day of being productive so my week is a little easier!! Tomorrow I am going Downtown to visit a few vintage shops and boutiques for research for my journalism article, which I'm hoping will be fun, and then local band Trampled By Turtles (who are kinda  big deal in Duluth!!) are playing a free concert on campus which I'm really excited about.

Have a great day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. This outfit is adorable on you! Love love love the collar! You pull it off so well. :)

  2. Crazy! Trampled by Turtles opened for The Fray at the Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis a few years back! Hope you enjoy! I was too busy trying not to get squished by drunks to even remember what they played!

  3. Oh, I have days like that. I try on a million things and nothing is right! x

  4. Love that top, and the sleeve detailing is perfect :p And I agree with with what you say, if blogging becomes more of a chore it's to let it take a back seat for a while :) x

  5. Lucky you read about the Matalan thing on my blog haha! Anyway, I love this, the blouse is so cute =) I have a skirt similar to that from Topshop too that I think is supposed to sit lower but I don't think it looks right there so I wear it on my hips and it's really short! =D
    Sian xx

  6. Oh my goodness! I've been eyeing this very top from F21 for a while! You make me want to buy it. It just looks so lovely on you!

  7. love the colours of the skirt and top :)

  8. I love your outfit, the peter pan collar is so cute! & I try to not get too obsessed over blogging, even though I really love it. So I'm glad to hear that your in a happy place. :)

  9. You look so cute! I love the top, and the skirt looks great like that :)
    I have my share of nightmare picture days too -- my boyfriend takes mine, but I absolutely hate it if anyone is around watching. Even if someone walks by, I stop posing and go all awkward ;)
    M xo

  10. I love this blouse! I think I spotted it in the store. It looks great with your skirt and tights combo. I think pink and red look neat paired together.


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