Weekend in the City

I spent the whole weekend in Minneapolis and took a grand total of...zero photos!! Luckily I took these before I left, which is what I wore on Friday. I've been dying to pair this dress with a leather jacket and studded boots. I think it is one of my favourite remixes of this dress. Speaking of which, I didn't realise until today how many different ways I have worn this dress since I bought it!! Here are some of my other looks...

Clockwise from top left: 1-2-3-4

I was reading Kendi's blog today (aka, the Queen of Remixing) and today she posted some absolutely great Remix Advice. Before I started this blog I remixed occasionally, but not really that much. Now I try to post a couple of outfits a week I really have to up my game in terms of what I wear, which is a fantastic challenge. I really loved trying to come up with new looks for you without my bank balance taking a hit!!

I had a fantastic, but exhausting weekend though!! I absolutely love Minneapolis, it was everything I was hoping for. I really want to get a proper look around soon though (with my camera in tow this time!!). I really want to go again before my parents get here (can you believe how quickly time has gone? I'll be in New York this time in 3 weeks!!), if my newly-employed (yay!!) boyfriend can get time off work.

I bough a really cute new skirt from Forever 21 over the weekend and I really wanted to wear it today, but I am learning that Minnesota can be a little bitch at times and after a gorgeous week last week it is back to being absolutely freezing. There was a horrible snow storm yesterday and we were a little worried on our drive home. Today was one of those days where I could barely bring myself to get out of bed, so when I managed it I just pulled on a jumper dress and leggings. Some days you really have to put comfort first!!

dress- Topshop via ebay
leather jacket- H&M
boots- very.co.uk

Back to the ol' homework!! I have a lot of outfits to post (I have 2 items from The Lovely Ones I've had since before Christmas- eek!) so I'll try to post as much as I can this week, although this week's to-do list was exhausting just to write!!

Have a great Monday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love this outfit, you look purdy!

    ALSO: http://thecultofcelebblog.blogspot.com/

  2. Ah, I love this! I'm such a sucker for the contrast of pretty+tough. Your dress is so lovely - I don't blame you for wearing it often!


  3. Minneapolis is such a fun city! My brother is going to school at the U next fall so hopefully I will get to visit him and spend more time there.

    Love the lace dress with the leather jacket! Opposites attract!

  4. lace and leather are so perfect together! gorgeous :) x

  5. pretty dear, i always love this dress on you xo

  6. Oh! Woww! I never even noticed, even though I've seen these before, that you were even wearing the same dress! You just made it so fresh and new every time! I think this might be my favorite. The contrast of the leather and lace is PERFECT.

  7. Leather and lace! So beautiful. Following!

  8. I love the lace dress and the edgy and cute look you gave it with the leather and the studs!

  9. love the leather and lace combo. I adore the toughening up of pretty dresses :)

  10. I LOVE that outfit :D


  11. Minneapolis is one of my favourite cities, so glad to hear you had a good time there and I really hope you'll be able to visit again soon :) Love your dress, too. What a great ebay find, and obviously so versatile!

  12. Love your blog! I saw your guest post on Coco & Vera and now I am a follower!

    Hi, I'm Zoe and I am also a 20 year old student and blogger from the UK!

  13. Love your Eiffel Tower necklace! I love how you style the dress each time, it's so unexpectedly versatile :D
    Glad to hear you had a great trip!
    M xo


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