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Don't worry, I've not gone all Sushi With My Girls!! on you, the reason for my title is that today I received an email offering me work experience at Love It! magazine!! I know have two, potentially three and possibly four work experience placements for summer. It's things like these that make it all worthwhile. I was moaning to my boyfriend last night about how hard it is to get anywhere in the career I want and then went home to read this!! I am really, really happy because two of my placements were ones that I achieved through my own initiative. Granted, the other two are are a result of knowing people and having contacts, but it's reassuring that sometimes I can make it on my own. I applied for a lot of work experience last year and came back with nothing, but I worked hard on my writing and resume and now it's finally starting to pay off.

I was thinking just before I took these photos that I don't often wear blue, and then remembered that is a big fat lie. I seem to be wearing a lot of blue recently. I always see myself as more of a warm colour girl- I love reds and pinks and beiges, but I think I'm starting to embrace a whole spectrum of colours. I mentioned a few weeks ago that for years when I first dyed my hair pink I avoided red like the plague. I think in my old age I am started to really appreciate the effect of simple, block colours. I often find navy hard to wear because I don't like mixing navy and black (I have serious issues with this. I hate wearing denim and black together most of all). I branched out a little today- my socks are actually navy (I know you can't really tell on these pictures) and I had no other choice than to wear black shoes. It's funny how navy is one of the few neutrals people don't really have shoes in. I have one pair of navy heels but I don't have anywhere near as many pairs of shoes and boots in navy as I do in brown and black.

This outfit just kind of fell together. I have a list of outfit ideas and I got back from my boyfriend's and set about looking over the list. Nothing inspired me. So I decided to just randomly pull things out of my wardrobe til I found a combination I liked. I absolutely adore this blue top (you can see it better here) and I'd forgotten I'd brought back this lovely striped skirt. Unfortunately, I really hate the waistband on it and tried to took it in- it looked ridiculous!! I've worn this skirt before back in Spring, but it was fun to style for winter. As I expected though, this coat is nowhere near warm enough for our temperatures here. I just threw it on for the pictures to avoid choosing a cardigan, but I think I'll add a cardi later and throw on a warmer coat!!

trench coat- topshop
skirt- new look
top- topshop
socks- forever 21
shoes- target

I absolutely adore this coat. I bought it a couple of summers ago and it was such an impulse buy, but it's so beautiful. In our climate back home, you really need a jacket or light coat all year around (I wore it last in a post back in July, and the blue is much prettier than black. I actually have a beige trench on my birthday list (this TopShop one is my current dream)- fingers crossed!!

Oooh my parents just skyped and we were getting all excited about New York. I really can't wait. I can't believe it's only 6 weeks away now- I feel like I've been waiting forever. I looked over my 21 Things to Do Before I'm 21 today and it's funny how your goals and priorities change over time. I only have 8 weeks left now and I'm not sure if I'll achieve everything I wanted to, but I think I've done a damn good job. I would say I've completed 11 and I think 2 or 3 are in the process of happening. Some are no longer goals for me, or things I changed my mind about or goals I no longer want to achieve. It's interesting how different you can be in a year.

Well it's time for some alone time with Cherry Coke Zero (seriously, I can't get enough!!) and lots of reading (I am currently reading 3 novels at once- the life of a literature student!!) and hopefully an early night!!

Have a lovely evening!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Just love the way that jacket puffs out over the skirt. Beautiful!



  2. love the vibrant blue!

  3. amaaazing outfit! the shape of that skirt with the jacket over it is beautiful.
    really love <3

  4. Blue's gorgeous, I wish it would snow here! We're having a heat wave!!

    Check out my blog @

  5. the jacket is a fab blue colour :) skirt is so pretty.

  6. I love the blue jacket. It's such a pretty color and really pops!

  7. You look so lovely in blue! Congrats on the potential job! Would that keep you in the US? I am a diet coke-aholic. Have you tried Diet Coke w/ Lime?? So amazing!

  8. that coat would be sooo lovely in spring time! (if only that would get here sooner). You look lovely.

  9. you reallly look so lovely in this.
    it makes your curves look awesome! ;-;

  10. the silhouette of this outfit is fab and the coat is gorgeous! congrats on all the possible placements :) x

  11. you look amazing.
    like really, amazing figure and genuine smile :)
    unfortunately i can't pull off blue :( unlike you.
    i bet you're excited for new york, i would be, I AM!

    have a great weekend charlotte.

    love, emma xx

  12. Oh, congrats on everything! And you're going to LOVE New York. I actually have a friend who goes to NYU who is studying in London right now and it practically bores her! Craziness.

    And I love this outfit! It's very you, but also a big change from you've been wearing lately. :)

  13. Yay, congrats Charlotte!! And I love today's pictures!!

  14. Your outfits never cease to amaze me. I seriously love everything that you wear. Let's be friends. Then I can raid your closet. Just Kidding! Well, not abou the friends part. Or the closet part. Just the friends-with-closets part. I don't know what I'm saying anymore.

    Congrats on the work experience email! That's such great news! I'm sure it feels wonderful!

    Lindsey Soup

  15. Oh well done on your placements c: and I adore your silhouette here, very 1950s x

  16. Gorgeous outfit! Love the blue, black and white on you!

    L x

  17. would've been good to see some photos of the coat fastened up, up for variety. But lovely outfit! And congrats on the work experience!

  18. you look amazing in that outfit! the blue is gorgeous and goes so well with the rest of the outfit! fashion is so fun!


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