Jeans Challenge: Day Five

This is Day Five of my Jeans-Only week. Unlike most people, I find jeans really difficult to wear and style, so this really is a challenge for me!! You can see yesterday's look here, Wednesday's look here, Tuesday's look here Monday's look here.

Today's outfit post is kinda a two-part deal. I went outside to take these pictures, thinking I'd be warm enough in my coat. This was not the case. This was about the coldest I've ever been taking outfit pictures, so taking off my coat to show you the rest of my outfit really wasn't going to happen!! So I took a few pictures and then hurried inside and took some inside ones of my outfit underneath (after running my freezing-cold fingers under the hot tap for 5 minutes!!).

I've been finding this challenge really hard. I felt so relieved last night to put on a dress and heels and have my legs out for a while!! I almost threw the towel in this morning, almost. But one thing you must know about me is I never give up. And yes, it's been hard. I haven't really felt like myself since I started this challenge. And tonight I'm meeting my boyfriend's friends for the first time so I think I'll have to wear a dress or at least a skirt. I know it's cheating a little bit, but that's the only way I feel me.

I was kinda uninspired by today's underneath outfit. I mean, I really love my pink shirt but I think it looks so much better with a skirt. However, the leopard scarf and mustard yellow cardigan were kind of a surprise. It was one of those outfits that was just hung together on a hanger, and I just thought "ahh, yes!!". Unfortunately the scarf just wouldn't work with the neckline of the shirt so I thought I'd have put with it over my coat. This is actually the only coat I have that I didn't feature on my coats post a few weeks ago. I've had this coat for about 3 years now and I still adore it. It's so bright and fun!!

jeans- New Look
shirt- TopShop
cardigan- H&M
scarf- TK Maxx
coat- H&M
belt- New Look
boots- Barratts

I had a really great night last night. I wore what I said yesterday- lace dress, leather jacket and shoe boots (heels were fun on the ice!!) and felt absolutely amazing. I was really happy because I went for sushi and cocktails (okay, a mocktail for me!!) with my girlfriends first and then the rest of the people and my boy came later. I am really lucky to be in a relationship with someone in my group of friends. I got to have a night out with the girls and see my boyfriend :]]]

Well that's all from me!! Friend Friday is coming soon :]] Have a lovely day, guys :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love all the different colours, great outfits!

  2. I really like the combo of pink shirt and mustard cardigan - I'm still looking for a good mustard cardigan!! And I really like them with the jeans =)
    Sian xx

  3. Looks like your challenge is going great, i like all the outfits, especially today's and wednesday's. Nice one :)

  4. Yay hot pink, and yay leopard print. Both are incorporated into the outfit I'm planning to wear for Valentine's Day. I can't wait!

    P.S. I haven't mailed the dress yet, but I will ASAP. Sounds like you've got enough clothes to wear until you get it, though. ;) Plus, it'll only take a day to get there!

    I'm disappointed...I thought it was supposed to warm up today, but nope. Sun hasn't even come out yet. *le sigh*

  5. i love the color combo of pink + mustard! it looks great on you. i adore mustard..sigh..i want to find a perfect mustard cardigan.

  6. I love the mix of the yellow and pink in your top!

  7. The leopard belt is perfection!

  8. Cute outfit! Love the colour of the cardi! xx

  9. Such an exciting colour combo with the pink and mustard! Colour blocking is so in this spring and you've nailed it - even if you don't like wearing your jeans :-P The red and leopard is beautiful and classic too!
    Eeek don't run your cold hands under the hot tap hun, i know it seems like a good idea but it can give you chilblains, where you hads go red and burning/itchy :-(

  10. jeans only week? it's so cool that you are challenging your self like that! i have been thinking of deeming this next week no black hoodies week. haha


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