Jeans Challenge: Day Two

This is Day Two of my Jeans-Only week. Unlike most people, I find jeans really difficult to wear and style, so this really is a challenge for me!! You can see yesterday's look here.

I am finding this challenge increasingly hard- I just don't feel "me"!! I don't feel I am expressing myself enough in what I am wearing when I have jeans on. I think tomorrow I definitely need to bust out something girly, or leopard print or something...Charlotte!! I have been seeking inspiration from Chictopia and I have found some lovely ladies who are completely rocking the denim...

I also found a load on LookBook which are not co-operating today and not letting me save or (naughty!) hotlink them.I might screenshot them later in the week to show you- they have definitely inspired me to get more from my jeans.

I'm not a huge fan of this outfit. As I always moan, I think chunky knits make me look fat. I have such a love-hate relationship with them. I love them on other people and I do find them so cosy and comfy, but they just don't flatter me at all!! I'm not really sure whether I should have belted this cardigan or not- I just needed to add some shape!!

I had to add a bright scarf and some red lipstick to this to make it "me." I ended up getting rid of the lipstick later- red lips are so hard to maintain throughout the day!! I didn't get a lot of photos of this full-length unfortunately- my housemates came home while I was taking pictures so I got all uncomfortable and turned off my camera!! If you can't tell I'm just wearing black, knee-high leather boots. I really need a new pair of these actually. I took them to the cobblers to be re-heeled and his advice was basically "I would just throw these away if I were you", but they are the perfect boots!! I need to keep my eye out for some similar ones.

cardigan- H&M
jeans- Top Shop
boots- Barratts
scarf- Forever 21

Today has been ridiculously cold (-23 celcius this morning!!) so I was a little thankful for this extra-cosy cardigan. I am looking forward to coming up with something tomorrow that feels more me- something pretty and feminine to counter-balance the jeans. This really is becoming a difficult challenge- I don't feel as though I am staying true to myself or my style, but jeans are such an easy item of clothing to throw on it really is a good idea for me to learn how to wear them an still feel myself. Perhaps some shopping is in order!!

Do you have any advice for wearing jeans and still managing to look feminine and girly? What tips or ideas do you have for this challenge? Let me know!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. this outfit is fantastic! even with jeans you look stylish and comfy. i only own one pair of jeans. this would be tres hard for me ;)

  2. I really like this look. It looks very comfortable and warm while still looking put together. I like the way you belted the sweater.

  3. I like to sometimes wear a short dress or skirt *over* my skinny jeans... I don't know if you'd consider that cheating but it can be a fun look that you could try.

  4. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and admiring your creative outfits, thanks for the inspiration!:)

    I am kind of a jeans girl myself, so outfits with them have never been much of a problem. You could try putting on some loose, maybe ruffly blouse, tucking it into the jeans and adding a belt. This looks really nice with skinny jeans that have a bit higher waist. Along with some cute earings it should look nice and feminine. :)

    keep on writing, good luck!

  5. Love the colour scheme, Charlotte! Especially love that scarf!


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