I wanna live like we live in the summer

I'm either not sleeping enough, my stress reflex is tired or my boyfriend has mellowed me out. Today was a bit of an epic fail day and I can't help finding it funny. Today I had an interview to do in Downtown Duluth for a story I have due for my journalism class next week. I took the bus down after class and the interview went really well. After I'd finished I asked the interviewee if she knew anyone else who would be helpful to speak to for my research and she told me to take a trip to Whole Foods Co-op. It's only 4 blocks, I thought, I can do that without waiting for a bus.
However, I was wearing this outfit, with my 3/4 sleeved fur coat. One pair of tights, a jumper and one short sleeved coat is not much of a barrier against -18 degree weather. After 4 blocks, uphill, I was ready to die. Turns out that the person who I wanted to speak to at the store was in but I needed to make an appointment (?). A little frustrated, I went to catch the bus.
After 20 minutes in cold so awful I was almost in tears, I admitted defeat and called my half-asleep boyfriend to come get me. Thankfully, he did. I then got home to find I'd forgotten my keys! Luckily, my housemates had only just left and came back to let me in! I remained strangely calm during all of this, which is retrospect, really is quite funny. Today I am thankful for mobile phones and people!!

I actually bought this blouse from a charity shop over the summer, and while I've worn it a couple of times I've never really found an outfit I liked enough to photograph. I was browsing Look Book a few days ago when I was given the idea of layering a jumper over a blouse and I really like the result!!

How adorable is Cee? I hope you liked her guest post yesterday and you go read her blog. She is so gorgeous and stylish- I was so happy to have the opportunity to guest post with her.

blouse- charity shop
shorts- forever 21
shoes- peacocks
jumper- topshop

Not much else to report really!! I'm spending my afternoon working on my article and then going for some yummy dinner with my friend Laura later on, and then spending some time with my boy for the first time in days when he finishes work- if I can avoid falling asleep before he finishes at 10!
I have three items from The Lovely Ones here so I really need to get my remixes on!!
Have a fabulous Friday!

Charlotte xxx


  1. you look so cute! i love the shoes!


  2. Love your style. The ruffle peeking through the jumper is perfect. I am also kind of obsessed with those shoes.

  3. Love the photos. & your oxfords are so cute along with your top! Sorry for all you went through today, 18 degree weather is so intense!

  4. I love this outfit ! So cute :)

  5. Great outfit, but doesn't the neck piece annoy you? I know it would for me, haha, not that it doesn't look great!

  6. I love shorts and tights!x

  7. Those shoes are fabulous! Love them x

  8. I love this combination! It's kind of androgynous, but the details are so girly! I love the puffed-sleeve sweater over the ruffled blouse, and the shorts look great on you. Don't even get me started on the shoes! I want a pair like that sooo badly!
    Good job staying calm after all that! I've been feeling kind of "eh" about things that would normally make me fly off the handle lately too. Take that, winter! ;)
    M xo


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