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Well today is Valentine's Day, in case you hadn't noticed. I personally love Valentines Day, I'm sorry. I just think it's a lovely day to celebrate all kinda of love. I got a few strange looks today walking round in a red dress and heart print tights, but it just had to be done. If you can't have a themed dress-up day on Valentine's Day, when can you? I'm really enjoying reading about what other bloggers are doing today :]]

After last week I have really rediscovered my leather jacket. I don't think I ever considered wearing it under a coat (which I have been doing), so I would always wear a cardigan instead. It's so nice to have it back in my life though. It is probably one of my absolute favourite pieces I own. I was a little unsure what to wear with this dress today,  but I decided it would look cool with studded boots and a leather jacket to avoid it being too cheesy.

dress- forever 21
leather jacket- H&M
tights- topshop

Well, not much else to say today really. I had a really great weekend which I am pretending isn't over yet!! I think I've decided what I'm wearing tonight and I'm hoping to take some pictures of our dinner and our presents later. I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day whatever you're doing :]]

Oh and don't forget tonight is your last chance to enter my giveaway!! This is such a great prize so if you want to go shopping for free, please enter!! This dress was actually bought with a Forever 21 gift card I won from hercatwalk!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. well HELLO miss crowley.
    you look amazing, anyone who says otherwise or gives you a funny look, can fight me.

    i rediscovered my leather jacket a few weeks again too *clothes-synced fistbump* i think i've had the same leather jacket for like four years too, they literally never wear, or go out of style for good.

    i'm into valentine's day, but my boyfriend doesn't, he's so gay :( so a custard doughnut and CSI boxset was my valentine *cries*


  2. Love how you added the edge with the leather! :D

  3. I love this outfit, one of my faves of yours so far! The red pops so well and I adore the tights, those boots look super cute too and the jacket is the icing on the cake. Lovely dear
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  4. Has to be one of my favorite outfits you posted. Not sure if it is because I love Vday so much or just the fact the dress and tights mix is absolutely charming!

  5. Great outfit, I really love the leather jacket!

  6. Hooray for Valentine's Day! I love your heart-printed tights :D Great idea to wear the leather jacket and boots to tone down the sugar too!
    M xo

  7. This is a great outfit! I personally find it a bit cheesy :-P but im just a big boring valentines cynic! Any othr day of the year I ADORE this look, red is always fab on you, and all the leather and studs is a brill way of giving it an edge!
    Even though I don't celebrate, I think its awsome that you pulled out the heart tights haha, hope you've had a lovely day with your boy!! xx

  8. I personally wore all black today, sort of an anti-valentine's day thing lol. Your outfit is great though! Those boots are ba! Hope you had a great day!

  9. Cutee - you always seem to rock the red! :D The starers (is that even a word? O_o - just checked and found out it is, haha) are probably just envious. :d

    Love the mix of feminine and edgy as well, hope you enjoy your Valentines Day! :)

  10. You are cute. Fact. I love that we had the same kind of idea with the bright red or pink dress and a tough, leather jacket. It makes the whole V-Day look not so crazy, ya know?

  11. love the tights, what a cute nod to valentines! hope you had a fab night :) x

  12. love the tights and your necklake <333

    Check out my new Inspiration Post :


    PS: i have formspring now so ask me everthing you want !

  13. i'm the same way - i love valentine's day, and i use it as an excuse to dress up in the girliest outfit ever.


  15. Love this look, it's really original for Valentine's Day :]
    I love how the fierce biker jacket is perfectly juxtaposed with the cutesy red!! LOVE. IT.

  16. This outfit is so cute, really like !

    xx, Leah.


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