The Jeans Anti-Challenge

On Friday I featured my first outfit ever on this blog containing jeans. (EDIT: Just realised this is a total lie. I wore them here!!) Despite absolutely loving skinny jeans (I can't bring myself to buy any other kind!!), I am a typical pear shape and find them horribly clingy around the bum and thigh area. I also find them really hard to style. I am a real skirt-and-dress hoarder. I will go shopping with the intention of buying tops and find myself at the tills with an armful of skirts and dresses. I usually find myself reaching for a simple vest top or tshirt to go with what is usually a more fun bottom half, further explanation of why I find jeans tough to style.

I know a lot of people who live in jeans and find it difficult to wear anything but jeans. I am the complete opposite. For me, jeans mean I can't be bothered. They mean I couldn't make the effort to come up with something creative this morning. Or they mean it's Sunday and I'm spending my day in the library in a hoodie and uggs.

While jeans can be boring and simple, many people manage to style them in all kinds of wonderful ways that make them the complete opposite of boring. So this is my challenge for the week. Some of you might remember my shorts challenge back in November where I wore the same pair of shorts for a week. This is similar, but with slightly more relaxed rules- I have three pairs of jeans that I am allowed to rotate through the week. I have one black pair, one grey pair and one standard dark denim pair. These will be my uniform for the week to force me into more creative ways of wearing jeans.

It's funny because a few weeks ago I wrote a post for College Fashion depicting all kinds of Style Challenges you could try for the new year and one was a no-jeans challenge. Now I'm doing the total opposite!!
I really think this will be a challenge for me and force me to be creative with my top half. I imagine I'll fall a little into super-casual wear, so I'm hoping to mix it up a bit. If the snow wasn't so bad I'd really like to try heels, but I feel it could be the end of me. Footwear will definitely be an issue, as I would attempt to dress up jeans with heels or ballet flats; neither of which are appropriate for the cold, snowy weather.

So starting Monday I have a week of only wearing jeans. I love to challenge myself like this so I think this will be really fun. Please let me know if you have any great tips for styling up jeans or if you have any ideas for future style challenges- I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Wish me luck!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Skinny jeans with boots is super cute for the cold weather! I can't really talk, though-I wear flats, without socks, in the snow all the time. It's really cold-I advise against it. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Lindsey Soup

  2. ooh good luck :) i dont wear jeans very often either but i still love them
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. Good luck and have fun. I look forward to seeing your outfits :)

  4. Good luck! :D I am definitely the opposite of you, I shiver at the thought of wearing anything other than jeans... maybe I should take on the reverse style challenge that you posted, haha. :)

    I agree with Lindsey, jeans with boots are super cute. :)

  5. Good luck with this! I might steal your idea (again!) and do one after I've done the 30 for 30 =) I wore jeans the other day and got bored of them by lunch and went to put on a skirt haha, so I'm exactly the same as you!
    Sian xx

  6. Et oui le jean toujours pratiques!!!

  7. I used to live in jeans! Now I rarely wear them, just drag out the black skinnies occasionally. Good luck :)

    L x

  8. Looks cute! I'm trying NOT to wear jeans, ahaha!

  9. Good luck with this challenge! It will be so awesome for you to stretch your creativity and try something different, I know you'll blow us all away.

    I am actually quite friendly with jeans, so if you'd like you can check out my many jean looks on my blog for some help. (I think if you type 'jeans' in the search bar, it should pop up with most of those looks)

  10. i like your blog and follow it every day without fail.
    i'm liking your jeans challenge too, very much looking forward to what you'll do. Can i ask why you only own skinny jeans? there must be about 10 different styles out there.. maybe if you get a different style you may feel more comfortable in them?
    Also, this may just be me but i really don't think the pink and red colours on your blog complement each other very well. i love reading it though, this is just me being picky!
    keep it up.

  11. I always envy the girls who know how to make jeans look fashionable. It's like I use skirts as a crutch.

    I love the pattern on your blouse!


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