It was a lie when they smiled and said "You won't feel a thing."

Perhaps I've lived in Duluth too long, but today really was a beautiful day. The temperature on the board outside my apartment said 56 degrees fahrenheit today (13 celcius, to us metric-users!!). It was the first day I've gone without a coat. I even took my jacket off for these pictures!! I was apprehensive about taking photos outside- Monday was so slippery!!- but by this afternoon so much of the ice was just water on the pavement. It was a lovely day for taking pictures.

Today was going really well until I got myself all stressed and yet again, took it out on parents. Sorry, Mum and Dad!! I've had a lot of little annoyances the last few days and I actually haven't had a chance to speak to them for almost a week so everything just kind of came to the surface!! I'm feeling a little down today but I have no idea why. I was exhausted yesterday and ended up going to bed at 8pm (I nearly passed out in the gym yesterday!!) but I'm still tired today!!

This was actually the outfit I wore on Saturday morning but was too tired to post up! I've worn this skirt before back in April, but I'd forgotten I'd brought it back with me after Christmas. It's a gorgeous pale nude colour, but it rides up a lot when I walk. Definitely need tights with it!!

One of the reasons I'm stressed is the amount of work I have to do. I'm really excited because I'm going down to Minneapolis this weekend with some of my girlfriends, but it means I have to get all my weekend homework done today and tomorrow and I'm going to my boyfriend's tonight!! I have 3 articles to write, an online quiz, potentially an actual quiz (but I might be having that tomorrow), homework for my journalism class and reading for 2 classes to do!! I'm excited, but it looks like I have a lot of work to do the next few days!!

skirt- new look
vest top- topshop
leather jacket- H&M
scarf- primark

Sorry this was such a photo-heavy post- these pictures just looked so lovely, I just couldn't resist!! Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my post yesterday, especially on my dress!! I am so in love with it, I need to find an excuse to wear it again soon!!

Well, I'd better go get on with my mountain of homework!!

Have a lovely day :]]

Charlotte xxx

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  1. 13 degrees!!! So jealous. It was MINUS 13 here today, brrr!
    I can completely relate to feeling snappy and overwhelmed and constantly tired, it's definitely the season! I have tons of work to do myself (mostly midterm-studying), but procrastination and looking at lovely blogs like yours is so much more fun! ;)
    M xo

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  3. That is an adorable skirt! I also love your scarf, it looks so soft, haha.

    I'm surprised that it's 56 degrees in Minnesota, and 53 degrees in California - the weather there definitely looks beautiful though! :)

    Good luck with your homework! :)

  4. your skirt adorable. i love your jacket! it suits you perfectly.

  5. sounds like you need a good rest lovely, im the same right now, stressing out over nothing and feeling rubbish, hoping a good sleep and a relaxing weekend will fix it all up! same with you :) outfit wise, i love the pale pink with that soft scarf, so pretty and girly

  6. Charlotte,

    Love the scarf, love the scarf, and I want some of those cookies from your last post.

  7. You look so lovely! And your hair cut + hair color is to.die.for.

  8. Love that skirt she's pretty lovely ;)

    xx, leah.

  9. oh i love that skirt it is so pretty!!! the whole outfit looks amazing i hope you had a lovely weekend :)


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