I always kinda sorta wished I was someone else

This jumper has to be one of the most difficult items to style in my wardrobe. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all the colour. It's not quite nude, not quite cream, not quite grey. It's a kind of pinkish beigey cream. It just looks a dirty colour against nude and off-white with creams and whites. It works best with neutrals, in my experience. But saying that I've not tried it with bright colours. Maybe it's not-quite-neutral colouring would look great against red or blue. Maybe I'll try that next.
Second of all is the shape of the jumper. I'm the complete wrong shape to pull off anything baggy. I need tight and fitted. Loose just makes me look big. This is another problem why it is a problem.
Finally it's the length. It's somewhere between cropped and normal length. I usually wear it with a top underneath (today, just a simple white vest top.)
But it is lovely. It's so warm and cosy and it has such lovely detail on the shoulders. I just wish it was easier to wear!!

I was worried when I took these photos that the way I've styled this jumper was a bit too similar to how I wore it last time. I was right. Oops!! But in my defence, this is actually the first time I'd worn this skirt- I had to take the label out of the back before I put it on!! To make that even worse, I think I bought it over the summer!!

I'm in a bit of hair and makeup rut at the moment. I am so boring with my makeup- I pretty much wear the same makeup every day and occasionally throw on a slick of makeup. And don't even get my started on my hair. It's such a mess here. I made absolutely zero effort to make it look nice!! It's so awkward when you're trying to grow a bob out. I can just about get it into a pony tail now though. I hope I get it into plaits soon. Ooh I'll have to go buy bobbles again!!

jumper- miss selfridge
skirt- H&M
socks- river island
shoes- target

Oooh guess what? My parents have booked our New York trip for my 21st Birthday!! I am SO excited. I can't wait for them to come visit Duluth and meet my friends and my boyfriend and see where I live and then a week in New York!! I've never been so I'm crazy with excitement!! I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember so I can't believe it's really happening. 6 weeks to go!!

Well as always, I'd better get back to my homework!! Wednesday are always super unproductive. I am such a creature of habit. Wednesday mean 6.30am start for classes 8-11am and then I hit the gym. Then my friend Michelle and I have started having lunch together on a Wednesday. By the time I get settled it's tea time and then I usually see my boyfriend on a Wednesday!! It's all good, I'm having such a great time this semester :]]

Have a lovely Wednesday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. That sweater (jumper I guess?) had such amazing shoulder details! I love how you styled it!

  2. Gorgeous jumper and knecklace, the detail on the shoulder is faB! Although it is nice to see you wearing a top that isn't tucked into anything! also i think jeans and some knee high boots would also look great with that jumper!x

  3. That jumper is so pretty with that amazing amount of shoulder decoration. love this look :)

  4. The rosettes on the shoulder!! omg, serious inspiration for my next headband making project.

  5. I love the jumper! It's adorable!

  6. I've been looking for some decent knee high songs for ages so i'll be checking out river island it seems. You did a great job styling that jumper, it does look tricky to wear

  7. I think you've styled it really nicely here. Posh look with the addition of the pearls. I love the ruffle details on the shoulder

  8. i love your jumper. it's so comfy looking and your whole look is cute and casual. :3

  9. even if it is hard to style, its still really lovely! i adore the shoulder detail
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  10. wow the jumper looks kick-ass!
    love the shoulder details :D

  11. It looks great. I think you styled it wonderfully!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the details on the shoulders. Very sassy!! :)


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