Jeans Challenge: The Conclusion

day one

Seeing as I didn't post yesterday and as I tend not to take outfit photos on Sundays, I've decided to call it a day and just consider the challenge 5 days long.
I'm not going to lie, it's been difficult trying to create outfits I feel myself in wearing only jeans. It has definitely been a challenge, and while I won't say I found it enjoyable (there were a lot of days when I was desperate to put a skirt on!!), it was definitely interesting. I did cheat a little bit I suppose- I didn't wear jeans on any of the three nights out I went on this week and I didn't really wear jeans at all yesterday (save for about 3 hours before I went back out again!!).

 day two

day three

This challenge has definitely taught me that I need to buy more tops and blouses instead of skirts and dresses to get more mileage from my wardrobe. I quite often wear dresses as tops, which works fine with a skirt, but not so much with jeans. When I considered doing 30 in 30 (which I may do next month), I realized the few tops I would have to remix. While I know I definitely have far too many clothes, I think I need to work out a way to have a more even wardrobe.

day four

I think this week has taught me a lot about my own personal style and who I am. It has taught me a lot about the way in which style is a form of self expression. I am just not a jeans person. My boyfriend remembers vividly that I was wearing jeans the night we first met and I always feel as though that didn't really represent me and who I am.

day five

The more I write my blog, the more I find out about my own sense of style and how that is constantly changing and evolving and this challenge definitely emphasized that. While I am not going to say I will never wear jeans again, I would definitely find it hard to go another week in just jeans!!
I'm really looking forward to getting skirts and dresses back on for next week!!
I hope you have enjoyed this challenge- I'm sorry I've kinda cut it short. Definitely an interesting experience and I really want to thank Steph for the suggestion, but not one I'll be doing again soon!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love that you did this jeans challenge-- I too have such a hard time with them and whilst most of my friends are shaking their head-- "Jeans are EASY! Why on earth are you frolicking around in dresses in February!?"--, this post made me relate to you that much more.

    I think that you looked lovely in all of your jeans, but you are much more "Charlotte" in your dresses and skirts! You've made them your THING, you know?

    Anyhow, you are fabulous.

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  3. It's funny that you changed out of your jeans to go out at night because to me jeans are easiest to dress up! But, maybe that's just because I'm much more used to wearing them. :)

  4. I love love love that first scarf!

  5. Good for you for making it this far! I don't think I'd be able to wear just jeans for a week straight either. I know what you mean about noticing your style evolve, I actually used to wear jeans every day! I can't imagine doing that now, the only time I wear jeans is for my Saturday job where a skirt would get dirty or ripped!
    M xo

  6. Even though you said you cut it short - I'm glad for you that this challenge helped you discover something about your essential style. :)

    I look forward to posts of your pretty dresses! :D

  7. I simply adore you hair and your red coat. You look stunning. =)


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