skinny jeans.

I wasn't mad on the Friend Friday questions today so I decided rather than bore you with half-arsed answered I'd do an outfit post instead
Before we get started, I would like to point out that I never wear jeans. Ever. Well, no, not never. But very rarely. The infrequency of my jean- wearing is illustrated quite clearly through this text conversation.

Charlotte: "I have some shocking news, I am wearing jeans."
Boyfriend: "Uh oh. Does this mean there is a horrible hole in the universe of something?"

My boyfriend has seen me in jeans a total of twice, and both occasions he wasn't meant to see me. I personally find jeans really hard to style, I find them really hard to have fun with. I mean you have all that leg that is all one colour and one material!! I also don't think I can pull off jeans. I am a classic pear shape with a preference for skinny jeans and I don't mind them amazingly flattering on my thighs. Anyway. Today I am wearing jeans. Which I managed to rip while taking these photos. I over-zealously pulled up my too-big jeans and ripped a belt loop. This demonstrates why I shouldn't wear jeans.

Anyway, as a non-jeans-wearer, jeans become a huge challenge for me. So I decided to embrace the challenge. If jeans means you entire bottom half is a no-go, what can I do with that? I actually tried on a couple of outfits before selecting this that I may try for the future. With this I was going for the Alexa Chung at the Met Costume Institute Gala look. I wanted to keep it cute without looking too business-casual, so I thought jeans would be more casual than skinny trousers.

Today went from boring day to exciting day. Boyfriend is abandoning me again this weekend but he treated me to lunch today (I've promised to pay him back...) and my friend just text me asking to go to TJ Maxx, Bargain hunting= sold!! I'm also hoping to get a trip to Savers in too- I keep seeing bloggers in such fabulous thrifted pieces. Tonight I think I'm going to a friend's for dinner too. Triple excitement!! Homework will have to wait until tomorrow unfortunately. I am also the kind of person to sacrifice my social life for uni work and being boring but I'm embracing the balance between having fun and being productive, and it's really nice.

of course, my geek glasses had to come out!!

I was just saying to my boyfriend now, I could never be one of those girls who drops everything for a guy. My friends are like my family. I couldn't give them up for anything. Plus I am so frustratingly driven. I couldn't not be my own person. I have too many passions and dreams and goals in life. I think it's a little odd when you get to a point in life where you can say yes, I like myself, I am proud of who I have become. I am my own worst enemy and frequently a victim of my own insecurity and worries, but now I think I'm doing okay. I'm really happy with my life right now :]] It's taken me a long time to get here. End self-reflexive musing.

jeans- topshop
shirt- H&M
blazer- charlotte russe
shoes- peacocks

I found this outfit really hard to accessorize. I'm still not sure if I really like these shoes with this outfit. I felt like it called for stupidly high shoe boots or heeled pumps but neither of those are appropriate in -15 degree weather so I went for my old faithful Michael Jackson-esque shoes!!

That's all from me!!

See you tomorrow,

Charlotte xxx


  1. Charlottey :)
    I like you in jeans, I was going to say to you the other day you should do a challenge where you have to wear jeans for a week! I think jeans look sophisticated and there are lots of things you can do with them!! :D I love you and miss you! Also, I DON'T WANNA CLOSE MY EYES...

  2. Michael McIntyre4 February 2011 at 21:04

    Also, also,
    "Why'd you call me Trevor dad?"
    "For a laugh"

  3. I love your shirt, blazer and oxfords. adorable

  4. I have this blazer! I've never worn it, but I do own it. In fact, it fell of its goddamn hanger this morning when I was rummaging through my closet. Reminded me I still had it.

    I'm not sure how I feel about jeans. I usually dress them down, so it's interesting to see that you dressed them up a bit. They are a bit boring in general though, aren't they?

  5. I love geek chic glasses and oxfords. This look is totally something I'd wear, and I think you look fabulous in jeans. : ) Just wanted to pop in and say hello!

  6. fab look. I tend to feel a bit more casual in jeans, so end up wearing them an awful lot, they're so practical. Love this look on you :)

  7. I couldn't imagine never wearing jeans! I love the shirt!

  8. I find jeans kinda hard too, but they can be so practical and comfy - jeans are the 'comfiest' i ever get as I hate trackies/sweat pants (and never do execise haha so dont need them). You look really cute though, love the geek chic thing going on!

    I hate my thighs in skinnys though and totally get the whole only one colour on your whole bottom. I tend to wear them with big baggy jumpers or long tops/shirts etc that cover like the whole top half/crotch, which gives the whole outfit a bit more balance of coloiur and fabric etc i think. And a good tip which is cropping up everywhere here is the whole little frilly socks with brogues which give a bit of interest on your bottom half when you're just wearing plain jeans, and girlies it up a bit!

    Sucks your not in Manchester, this show would be just your thing!

  9. oh you look so cute!!! i just love your glasses they look awesome, the jeans look so great on you!! i have such a hard time finding jeans to fit me (my legs and waist are two different sizes ugh)

  10. charlottecharlottecharlotte.
    you look terrif.
    i agree with the "not drop everything for a guy" thing, my best friend who i made huge travelling plans with, found a guy and got with him and backed out of all of our plans because he was "her life now". they now live together and i see her about once a month? all of his friends are now her friends, she organizes things around his schedule ("i'll come out if me and mark aren't doing anything"). i may sound like a bitter old lady, but i am happy for her that she's found the person she wants to be with, but so have i but i haven't abandoned all of my goals to be with him. it may have something slightly to do with the fact i disagree with the "find man, get married, have kids, that's all" society genre that is fortunately gracing fewer and fewer women as the generations progress.

    GOSH what a rant. she pissed me off today that's why!

    love, emma xx

  11. well I am fan of you in jeans, i think you did a great job styling them. on another note, your shoes are rocking my world

  12. i never wear jeans either but i think you look fab :) love the blazer too x

  13. I'm the opposite and find skirts and dresses hard to wear! You looked great in the jeans and I loved the menswear look! The tie is adorable and deff pulls the look together!

  14. You look super cute in jeans! :D I really like your shirt and shoes. :)


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