Jeans Challenge: Day Four

This is Day Four of my Jeans-Only week. Unlike most people, I find jeans really difficult to wear and style, so this really is a challenge for me!! You can see yesterday's look here, Tuesday's look here Monday's look here.

This outfit is kinda similar to yesterday's, but I really wanted to wear my favourite little military cardigan. If you're a regular reader of this blog you will know that this little baby rears its head rather frequently over here!! I really, really like this outfit. I definitely felt "me" and much more comfortable in jeans, but I think I need to go super-girly tomorrow to balance-out all this edginess.

I also have a confession to make, I am cheating tonight. It's my friend's birthday and we're going to a swanky lounge and while I considered wearing jeans, I really don't want to!! I might try to take some pictures of what I'm wearing tonight though. I'm wearing my beloved lace dress with shoe-boots and a leather jacket (and because it's Minnesota, flat shoes for walking outside and my fur coat!!). Unfortunately, however, I have a stupid midterm tomorrow at 8am so it's not going to be a late night for me!!

jeans- topshop
boots- xavi
cardigan- H&M
tshirt- Walmart (no, seriously!! I got it on the same holiday as I got yesterday's Fight Club tshirt!!)

Is anyone else doing the INDIE conference? I'm really excited about it!! I'm probably not going to get time tonight to read all the posts but I'm hoping tomorrow after my midterm to get my laptop open and have a look through all the posts. It's such a great idea and from two of my favourite bloggers too. I'm looking forward to learning all their secrets!!

In frustrating news, I think I've broken my Mulberry for Target bag. Waaaah!! This is after I broke my Paul's Boutique bag a few weeks ago. In my defence, the Mulberry for Target bags were shockingly made, and part of the clasp on mine and Lauren's would fall off. Usually I'd notice before I lost it, but not this time. It's somewhere between my apartment and my boyfriend's room. Sulksulksulk. I now have no big evening bag to put all my rubbish in. I'm hoping to get a cheap one to keep me going this weekend and then get a new one for my birthday or in New York.

Well I'm all dressed up and ready to go, so I'll be back tomorrow- hopefully after a successful night out and midterm!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. deodorant marks.

  2. Ooh, I love your hair! This is a cute outfit, I'm digging your cardigan.

  3. you look so cute in jeans! i definitely love it when you dress edgy. i adore your graphic tees. you look bad ass and somehow ..regal? haha. :]

  4. I love that shirt. The Rolling Stones are awesome!

  5. what a shame about your bag :c that cardi is adorable though! x

  6. Yes ma'am. This outfit is great. Especially the cardigan. Love it!


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