She's a Rebel

I was so worried about these photos. I really liked this outfit and I just thought it deserved to be shot outside. It's getting warmer here, it was only -4 Celsius today so I decided to brave it. There's so much pressure taking pictures outside- you have to hope you managed to take enough good ones before you get too cold!! I'm really happy with these pictures. I'm sorry I didn't move around too much- my tripod gets so cold because it's metal! I'm glad I got a chance to go outside again though. I may have to just start being brave!!

I am so happy with this dress. I know I've worn it quite a few times lately (here, here and here), but it is such a versatile piece. I love the girly lace and the long sleeves. It's really fun to take it in the complete opposite direction and toughen it up a little bit, which was what I tried to do here with the military jacket, but I wanted to keep it girly and feminine with the knee socks and brogues. I'm really looking forward to trying it with a leather jacket and ankle boots or to go completely the other way, a girly cardigan and nude flats.

lace dress- Topshop via ebay
military cardigan- H&M
knee socks- River Island
shoes- Target

I absolutely love River Island's over-the-knee socks. They are just so cosy and they do actually go over-the-knee. I think they are much more flattering than ones that just hit the knee. I have these socks in black, grey and beige now. I can't wait until it gets a little bit warmer and I can wear knee socks more. I love black opaques but they get so boring in the winter because they're all I ever seem to wear!!

Sorry for another really photo-heavy post. I promise I will start cutting it down to less than 10 pictures- I was just really happy with these and really glad I went outside to take them, despite it still being a bit chilly. You can definitely see my remote in quite a lot of them though- I need to find out what people do to disguise their remotes!! I have really small hands so I can never keep it concealed!! I know, just ruining the illusion, aren't I?

Hope you have plans for a lovely weekend!! I'll be back tomorrow.

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love your outfit the lace dress is so pretty. It looks so cold though! I'd never be able to go outside without being completely bundled up!

  2. i adore this look, its great to toughen up a really girlie piece. Can't believe you went outside for a shoot in the snow though! Brrrrr...

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the dress & jacket together! It's just so pretty!


  4. well done for venturing outside because these photos are fab! i love the dress :) x

  5. What a wonderful dress! I've been trying to find a lace dress I like-I think you should come to Chicago and go shopping with me!

    Lindsey Soup

  6. girl! you're such a trooper for going out there like just knee highs! it looks freezing. love your dress :)

  7. That's a really lovely outfit, love the contrast and the mixture with girliness and military style :) Nice one!

    You can follow me through bloglovin'if you like, I'm following you already! Have a nice weekend: )

  8. Great outfit, I love the jacket.

  9. love love love pairing that dress and the military jacket! genius!


  10. oh i just love your lace dress!!! it is so so pretty and looks killer with the military jacket :). it is so cold taking outfit photos outside i can only last twenty minutes at the most and then i have to run inside!!


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