Love, Lust and Links

Sorry this is a day late. The last 48 hours have been a blur of travelling, changing my watch, jet lag and hanging out with my boy. I've kinda been completely out of the blogging world for a few days in favour of the real world, which was kinda nice, but now I've got some time to myself again, blogging is back :]]

1. Being back home
Oh I know this isn't really my home, but it's good to be back. I feel as though I didn't ever leave, which I think is probably a good thing. I am so glad to be back in Duluth. I'm still a bit restless as I haven't started classes again yet but I'm looking forward to getting back in my routine.

2. Lazy days
All we did yesterday was grocery shop and go to Taco Bell. And thanks to jet lag, I was awake at 6am. That's a lot of doing nothing.

3. Catching up on my blogs
As I said at the start I've been kinda busy and hanging out the last few days so it was nice to just have a morning to read all my favourite blogs back and have a bit of  catch up on my reading.#

4. Link to me

The lovely Letizia linked to me again here. Thank you!!

5. Beige trenches

If you read my coats post on Saturday you will know I have a thing for coats and jackets. A beige trench is next on my list. The one above is £35  from La Redoute, and although I don't normally go for short coats, this one is divine.

6. Ignoring the cold and snow
Despite below -20 degree (Celsius!!) temperatures, I am still refusing to wear more than one pair of tights and any more layers than a cardigan and a coat. I am not wearing any more layers until I absolutely have to!!

7. Ashley's list of reasons why she unsubscribed from your blog
Ashley wrote a great list a few days ago which was very similar to the post I wrote and later deleted on reasons why I won't follow your blog. Hers is slightly different to mine, but I agree with all her points.

8. Detachable Peter Pan collars

Like a lot of girls, I love a Peter Pan collar, so when I saw this detachable one on Rebecca's blog I was desperate for one!! You can get one here.

9. Cooking
I cooked a bit while I was home and as much as I moan about having to cook for myself, most of the time I really enjoy it. I had a lot of pressure on me last night cooking for the boy but I think it turned out okay!!

10. Inspiring photography

These pictures, from wishwishwish are so beautiful. I really need to work on my photography!!

11. Everything I didn't realised I'd missed
People going crazy over my accent, American accents that make me go crazy, the strange collection of instant food in the supermarket, going back to my Americanized phrases, arguing over which is better between the UK and the US, bigger Diet Coke many things I'd forgotten I'd missed about here!!

12. Friend Friday
Another fabulous idea for bringing bloggers together, thanks to Modly Chic. Friend Friday involves a group of bloggers answering the same questions and stimulating debate through their answers. Fancy getting involved? Click the link above :]]

13. Things to do with a day off
Like a lot of people in the States, I have a day off today for Martin Luther King day. While I am still recovering from jet lag and trying to sort my week out, College Candy has brought us a great list of 60 cheap things to do with a day off.

14. Coffee-free Jaunary
Those of you who read my writing at other blogs will know I am currently having a coffee-free month, thanks to a College Candy challenge. I am really happy with the lovely comments I've had on my most recent post. Two weeks to go!!

15. Hanging out with the boy
After three weeks apart, just hanging out and doing nothing with him is amazing. </vomit-inducing cuteness>

16. Layering tips, thanks to CF-
It's starting to get even more chilly here so this list is great!!

17. 5 pounds down
Those of you who remember my new year's resolutions (all 17 of them!!) will know one of them was to lose weight. Well I've lost 5 pounds so far and I want to lose another 7. Wish me luck :]]

18. New layout
At least designing the new layout here is my plan for today. I'm started to physically despise the current layout so I hope that will be enough to inspire a new one!!

What do you love this week?

Charlotte xxx


  1. You joined Friend Friday? It's awesome! good luck with the redesign- I did one recently too!

  2. i caught your blog from cupcake couture, and just wanted to say hello because i love your writing style. my favourite blogs are the most most personal and chattiest, and yours definitely is! :)


  3. Love, Lust, and Links is such a gr8 series! Thoroughly enjoyed each of these. :-)


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