Everybody's Starry-eyed, and Everybody Knows

If you would like an idea of how old this dress is, I wore it for my 18th Birthday. I'm 21 in March.

my 18th birthday night, wearing this dress

It's been hiding at the back of my wardrobe for absolutely years. I just thought it wasn't dressy enough for clubbing and I've never considered it as a day-time dress. Until I saw this post by Rebecca

You might notice I actually have that military cardigan!! I almost wore it like that today, but then I thought I'd drop it old school. I wore this dress with knee socks and mary janes on my actual birthday- unfortunately though, I've left my flat mary janes in America!! Grr!!

I have a feeling this is going to be my new blue floral dress- as in, I'm going to wear it all the bloody time!! It's a good job I never throw anything out!! I just love the shape of it and the pretty star print. I remember when I actually bought it (I think it was January 2008- eek!!) I saw it on in the mannequin in the shop window and bought the entire outfit.

Today is one of those kinda blah days where I don't really have anything to do but I have lots of little things to sort out- booking hair appointments, posting a few things, organizing blog stuff, writing articles. I also need to get everything sorted for London as I go on Friday- yay :]]

Ooh I've had all my results now and I got straight As!! I'm so happy!! I got 139/142 in my final for Shakespeare, which I was the most worried about because it was a 5000 level course, which is basically graduate level!! I'm so chuffed because I have worked really hard this year and it's nice to see that it paid off!!

dress- new look
socks- river island
cardigan- H&M
shoes- target

Ooh just a couple more things before I go. First of all, my Reader Request Post is up at hercatwalk. It's a post on looking stylish even in the cold weather, go check it out!! I have been working with hercatwalk lots recently and it's been fab. I'd love to work with them again.

Now a question for you guys, hercatwalk are sponsoring my next giveaway. The lovely Michelle has asked me if you'd prefer it to be a gift card (which will probably be for a store of your choice, but in the past they have been US stores- but I can ask about that if you're not in the US) or an accessory of my choice. Which would you prefer? Please let me know!!

Well have a lovely day all of you :]] I'll be back tomorrow but then I'm going to London on Friday until Monday so my resolution of posting every day might go a-miss for a few days!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Giftcard!!! Just saying.
    Also, that dress is fab.
    And congrats on your final marks!

  2. Ive also got a star dress i think i need to dig out,great post.

  3. This is a lovely dress and it looks great with those socks.

  4. Wow! That dress looks exquisite on you, Charlotte! And I love love the fact that you used lyrics from an Ellie Goulding song for the title of this post. Love her!! :)

  5. I think it looks soo good with the cardi! I love how dresses can be mixed with cardis and jackets and other things and every time they look different :)

  6. that dress is really nice! the way the skirt falls makes your legs look a thousand feet long!

  7. cute cute dress and congrats on straight As, thats awesome!

  8. I love that dress! the lace up front is adorable and the star pattern is great. I'd wear it all the time too ;). You accesorized it perfectly too.

  9. Happy New Year 2011 ! Nice fashion style !

  10. I love that dress- I actually remember being tempted by it when it was in New Look!
    I really like the necklace and the way you rock the knee high socks :)

  11. I'm so glad you decided to wear this out! It's PERRFECT and you can tell that you love wearing it- you're glowing! I love the star print. So cute!

  12. this looks fab for the day - i love reviving old things that you thought you'd never wear again :) x

  13. Wow, I love that dress! Very cute styling as well :)

  14. oo that dress is so cute! i LOVE the star print <3 stars are pretty awesome in general. (: the chunky necklace is really cute with it.
    and i think an accessory of your choice would be a good giveaway option, but hey, thats just me!


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